Vikrell Vs Acrylic

Everybody loves a relaxing bath after a long day. And to achieve a relaxing ambience, you need suitable bathroom fixtures. Dull, dirty and dingy looking attachments will never help you create such an atmosphere. Rather, it will only turn you off more.

Fortunately, there is a variety of bathroom fittings available in the market. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors and materials. But choosing your bathroom attachment is nothing short of a long-term commitment, which makes the task even more daunting.

For years, Vikrell and acrylic have been the most popular choices for shower and bath fittings. And rightfully so! Thus picking one over the other can be puzzling. So let’s take a thorough look at both of them.

What is Vikrell?

vikrell sink

Vikrell itself is not a material. It is a brand of some specific materials used for bathroom fittings from Kohler manufacturing company. These fittings are made of fiberglass, resin and fillers.

It is a durable, attractive and inexpensive base for bathroom fixtures. Hence, it has become a popular choice for shower and bathtub fittings.

Advantages of Vikrell


The fiberglass in Vikrell is composed of fine glass powder and plastic, which makes it a strong material as it is. When it is mixed with polyresin it becomes even sturdier. Hence, Vikrell is durable enough to last you a long time.

It is also water and heat resistant. So it won’t wear off after staying in the heated damp atmosphere of your bathroom for extended periods. There is no metal or caulk in Vikrell so you don’t have to worry about peeling, chipping or rusting overtime. Its robustness and endurance will make it last for decades.

Easy to Clean

Vikrell has a non-porous surface. So it is resistant to stains and does not accumulate dirt. You only need to wipe it once for it to be as good as new. Water or chemical stains may require a bit of cleaning solution but they don’t stand any chance against this resilient surface.


In spite of being so strong, Vikrell is extremely lightweight. In fact, it is light enough to be carried by one person alone. However, we will not recommend you to grab a slab of Vikrell and install it yourself since it has a specific method of installation. But the professionals you hire will be able to carry this portable material without a sweat. This makes the installation hassle-free and quick.


One of the most favorable features of Vikrell is that it is very flexible and can be molded into any shape or size. Hence, Vikrell is ideal for people who want to customize their bathroom fittings. With Vikrell, you can build your own unique kitchen or bathroom sinks, bathtub, whirlpools and showers within a reasonable cost.


Vikrell fittings have an elegant style with an excellent, smooth finish. Besides, resin is generally corrosion resistant. It makes the Vikrell resistive against chemicals and hard water stains. So your Vikrell tub and shower will not lose its color or original appearance anytime soon. In fact some Vikrell attachments look the same as the news ones even after periods of time. And they will definitely catch the eyes of your guests every time they visit your home.


Despite all these outstanding qualities, Vikrell comes at a surprisingly affordable price. The manufacturing company, Kohler introduced this brand while keeping people’s budget in mind. Due to the use of fiberglass, Vikrell remains cost effective without compromising its qualities. Hence, it has become a crowd favorite over the years. Its appearance, function and endurance can give any high-end brand a run for their money.

Disadvantages of Vikrell

Regardless of all the advantages, many people have faced some drawbacks while using Vikrell.

Complicated to Install

The installation of Vikrell requires time, precision and proficiency. So it can only be done by professionals with extensive knowledge about the method of installing the foundation and fixtures.

Often the instructions are not clearly given by the manufacturers. So someone who is experienced in installing Vikrell must be called to get the job done.

Prone to cracks

No matter how robust Vikrell is, it may crack if it’s not installed correctly. A Vikrell tub needs to be fixed over a platform of mortar. If this step is skipped during installation, the tub may crack if enough force is applied to it.

What is Acrylic?

acrylic sink

Acrylic is also made with layers of fiberglass, resin and fillers. But it is bulkier than Vikrell and has a ceramic-like appearance. Fittings made of acrylic are durable and sophisticated in style. Its versatility has made it a well-liked choice for kitchen and bathroom attachments.

Advantages of Acrylic


Similar to Vikrell, the base is made by mixing fiberglass with resin. But it contains an acrylic plastic covering that gives it a sturdy finish. The durable composite is resilient to cracks and will withstand any harsh contact.

It will take a lot of force to break a slab of acrylic. Thus its resistance to heavy impacts makes it an ideal material for long lasting bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

Easy to clean

Fiberglass creates a rather porous surface on its own which causes it to absorb water very easily. This can damage the appearance and longevity of any bathroom attachment. But because of the acrylic outer coating, water cannot enter the interior.

Hence, acrylic fixtures boast a smooth and glossy surface. And there is no possibility of any unwanted stains or growth on any of your pristine fittings.


Acrylic is incredibly lightweight since its main component is fiberglass. Due to the proportion of glass powder in fiberglass, it is a lightweight material on its own. And it is capable of maintaining its light weight even when it is mixed with resin and acrylic.

So even though acrylic is thick and solid in nature, professionals can easily carry it around for installation and reparation. You do not need to build a separate bed to hold the weight of your tub because the material makes it light enough to keep your floor safe.

Good at Retaining Heat

Acrylic surface is somewhat non porous. Thus it is exceptional at retaining heat. They stay warm to touch no matter what temperature the room has. So acrylic is one of the best materials for making a bathtub.

Whenever you fill an acrylic tub with warm water, it will retain the temperature for long periods of time. Hence, it is perfect for those who love a long, relaxing bath after a hectic day.


Thanks to the fiberglass, acrylic material is extremely flexible and can be molded into any size or form. So this gives you a lot of room for customization. You can personalize your bathroom or kitchen furnishings according to your tastes by choosing acrylic material. The final product will always look elegant, thanks to its classy, modern finish.

Versatile Look

Due to its flexible nature, acrylic comes in different shapes, sizes and styles. So you will get a broad range of options with this material. Unlike many other materials, acrylic fixtures come in various colors and designs. From pristine white to soothing blues. You can choose or even design the look of your kitchen and bathroom attachments however you want.

Disadvantages of Acrylic

There are some limitations to using acrylic fixtures as well.

Difficult to Fix

The likelihood of acrylic cracking or splitting is rare as it is a sturdy object. But if it does end up being damaged, it is not always repairable. This is because acrylic is far more solid and sturdy than other materials so, applying a layer of epoxy resin or any similar substance will not do the job.


Unlike other fiberglass materials, acrylic might be an expensive option for those who are on a budget. Because of its classy finish and solid body, it tends to cost more. Hence acrylic is usually ideal for people who want to go for a high-end look.

Vikrell Vs Acrylic: Which one is better?


Due to its solid body, acrylic is stronger and more resilient against harsh treatment and passage of time. Vikrell is sturdy and heavy duty, but it may give away to aggressive treatment after some years. Hence, between the two materials, acrylic will provide more durability.


Both materials offer a lustrous look on their own. But if you want to personalize your settings, acrylic might be the right option for you. Acrylic fixtures come in a wide variety of colors and design. Whereas, Vikrell attachments generally come in only white color.


If you’re looking for a sophisticated and somewhat long-lasting material within a budget, then Vikrell provides great value for price. Vikrell may not be as strong as acrylic but it is fixable and resilient against stains and chemicals. Besides, you can replace it without much loss in the future, if required.


Once again, Vikrell is repairable and resilient against stains. Hence, it is easier to maintain than acrylic.

Final Verdict

Therefore, it is hard to pick one over the other.

Both materials have an almost equivalent number of advantages and disadvantages. They are quite similar in terms of appearance and raw materials too. Hence, you can choose any one of these according to your requirements.

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