How You Can Use a Propane Griddle Indoors

Outdoor cooking is a blast, but sometimes the weather doesn’t want to cooperate. This can leave you in disappointment as you see that you can’t cook using your new propane griddle. So now the idea crosses your mind. Can I use my propane griddle indoors?

While you can use your propane griddle indoors, be warned that it has its fair share of dangers. This article will try to help you understand the possible dangers of using it indoors and how you can use a propane griddle indoors safely by taking proper precautions.

What Makes a Propane Griddle Dangerous to Use Indoors?

Propane Griddle Indoors

There are several factors that you need to be aware of, which will give you an idea of what to watch out for and anticipate.

  1. Lack of Insulation

Unlike ovens, propane griddles are not insulated. They rely on proper ventilation to reduce heat build-up. When using a propane griddle indoors, the lack of proper ventilation will pose a problem.

This will cause a large amount of heat to build up with use. Sweating will be the least of your concern as the huge build-up of heat can even cause the plastic to melt. Without proper ventilation, your propane griddle can become a massive fire hazard.

  1. Carbon Monoxide Emission

Carbon monoxide is very harmful and poisonous. A propane griddle has no vents or exhaust to remove the build-up of carbon monoxide, so using it indoors will cause a large amount of carbon monoxide to build up, which is poisonous and can easily suffocate you.

There is also the threat of gas leaks, which can further exacerbate this problem, making indoors very dangerous. The leaking of gas alongside a lack of insulation can cause an explosion and be very dangerous.

  1. Faulty Valves and Leakage

If you’re frequently using a propane griddle, you’ll be dealing with removing and attaching connectors and turning valves.

There is always the risk of these being damaged or worn. This can lead to several issues, such as gas leaking out or faulty valves that don’t work. Equipment failure is a constant danger, and thorough check-ups before use are always recommended.

  1. Catching Fire

The build-up of grease and flammable materials near the griddle are primary causes of fire. Due to the high accumulation of heat, things can catch fire, especially if you weren’t alert about your surroundings. Always keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

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How Can You Use a Propane Griddle Indoors with Proper Safety Measures

Propane Griddle Indoors safety

Since you’re now aware of the dangers of using a propane griddle indoors, it’s easier to understand the level of safety you need to exercise. As such, we will look at several important safety measures you can take to make using your propane griddle as safe as possible.

  • Get a Well-Ventilated Room

The dangers of a lack of ventilation have been highlighted before, so this measure is important. If you want to use a cook using a propane griddle indoors, you will want to make sure the room is well ventilated.

Make sure the windows are open, and if possible, an exhaust fan installed in that room will help with ventilation a lot.

  • Keep the Room Clean

Try to make sure the room you’re using your propane griddle in is not cluttered. Make sure there are no hazardous objects or objects that can catch fire or react badly to heat. You will want to make sure there are no tripping hazards in the room and that the room has quick access out in case of an emergency.

  • Have Some Measures in Place in Case of a Fire

Fires are nasty, and the best thing you can do is make sure you either have the means to put it out before it spreads or have the local fire station’s number on quick access.

Having a fire extinguisher close by or a bucket of sand can help to extinguish a fire before it spreads and becomes extremely dangerous. Always be alert for any signs of a fire and extinguish it immediately.

  • Do a Thorough Check-Up before Use

Make sure to check the valves and connectors for any damage or if they are connected properly. Check the gas tank to see if there are any leaks or any signs of wear. Be very careful and always carry out the inspections as thoroughly as you can, as this will minimize the risk of gas leakage and fires.

One way to check the connectors for any leaks is by placing some dish liquid on them. Check for bubbles, and if you see them, then it’s a sign that gas is leaking.

Carry out these inspections, and if you see something odd, contact a trusted mechanic or expert to help fix it.

  • Make Use of Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas, so if there happened to be a build-up of carbon monoxide, you weren’t aware if they can help you.

There are also more advanced detectors that can detect carbon monoxide and propane build up alerting you. These all go a long way to avoiding dangerous situations and are very helpful.

  • Wear Proper Clothing

Remember to wear clothing that allows you to be more free and agile in your movements. The last thing you want in a dangerous situation is your clothing restricting your movement. Also, make sure your clothing does not have any parts that dangle or hang low. They can catch fire and can spread.

Also, be sure not to wear clothing made out of synthetic materials that react badly to heat. This can prove very dangerous. Heat resistant gloves also help to protect your hands.

  • Clean Your Propane Griddle

If you haven’t used your propane griddle in a while, I recommend cleaning it up properly. It will help to clear debris that may have gotten inside the griddle. These can interfere with the operation and might even lead to accidents, so cleaning up your griddle will save you a lot of trouble.

  • Never Leave the Griddle Unattended

This is very important. When working with the griddle, never leave it unattended. Either properly turn it off or have someone look after it in your stead. This can lead to propane build up and can cause unexpected accidents.


As you can see, using a propane griddle indoors can be quite dangerous. But since you now know how you can use a propane griddle indoors, there shouldn’t be much problem.

Remember the points in this article and always be alert. Even with precautions in place, always be ready in case something goes wrong.

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