How to Make Grilled Cheese on a Griddle

A hot summer day or a cold winter, grilled cheese is a favorite of young and adults. There are several ways to get the perfect grilled cheese sandwich, but surely the best is the one made on a griddle.

No doubt that this is a perfect snack for any time of the day, and that’s why today, I am going to tell you how to how to make grilled cheese on a griddle.

Read on to learn more about the cooking process in detail.


You can make a grilled cheese sandwich with just 3 ingredients:

  • Butter- 2 tablespoon
  • Bread- 2 slices
  • Cheese -1/2 slices

Along with these three basic ingredients, you can add some toppings, such as chicken, beef, or any other topping that you like. And get the perfect grilled sandwich in under 15 minutes.

How to Make Grilled Cheese on a Griddle

Here’s the step-by-step process for you.

  • Step 1: Heat the Griddle and Pour Some Butter on It

First, you heat the griddle and put some butter and let it melt and spread, place a slice of bread on the butter.

  • Step 2: Place the Cheese and Bread Slice

Secondly, when the bread is heated, place the cheese slice on top. You can use one or two slices based on your preference.

Then you place another slice of bread on top and flip the sandwich.

  • Step 3: Add Toppings

The best time to add toppings is before placing the second slice on top. Make sure that the buttered side is facing outwards.

  • Step 4: Maintain Low-Heat

Keep the sandwich on the griddle at low heat till it turns brown. Flip every five minutes to check the color and VOILA! You have a perfect grilled sandwich.

Types of Griddle

When choosing a griddle can be a bit confusing and is a big concern. It is important to choose a griddle that works best for you. There are two types of griddles:

  1. Electric Griddle

An electric griddle is one where it is connected to a power supply and works as a cooking appliance. This type of griddle comes with a large surface area, and a number of items can be cooked at the same time. It also allows a large batch of food to be prepared all at once.

In addition to that, the griddle is easier to clean due to its flat surface. The best feature of the electric griddle is portability. It can be carried and used both outside for summer BBQs as well as inside during the winter.

Moreover, you can control the temperate and put the griddle on a constant heat, which makes the grilled cheese sandwich cook evenly and perfectly. Same for other food items too.

However, this feature becomes a bit problematic when there is no power supply outside. And to operate the griddle, an external power source is required. But it is cost-friendly, and if you are buying a griddle for the first time, this is a great choice.


  • Portable and can be used both outdoor and indoor
  • Easier to clean
  • Less expensive


  • Needs an external power supply
  1. Stovetop Griddle

This griddle is placed on top of a stove, just as the name suggests and usually requires gas or electric stove to heat it.

A stovetop griddle is popular among people who love indoor activities, and the griddle adds to the chic appearance of the kitchen. You can use a small or a big pan on this based on the number of meals.

Due to the griddle being connected to the stove, it can heat up immediately and is more efficient. The stovetop griddle being connected to the heat source can be a disadvantage as you will need a gas or electric stove to use it.

On the other hand, you can have a variety of burners of your preferred size and use it with a pan on top, and you are good to go. These burners are, however, difficult to clean as there are many gaps but do not require frequent cleaning.


  • Variety of burners available
  • Efficient heating system
  • Less cleaning required


  • Not cost-friendly
  • Cannot be used outside

The best griddle to get as your first would be an electric griddle as it is cost-friendly as well as easier to operate. With the added benefit of portability, this is the one to reach for.

Tips for the Perfect Grilled Cheese Made on a Griddle

Perfect Grilled Cheese

I have compiled some tips to make this experience a little easier. These tips will help you keep some pointers in mind when making a yummy grilled cheese.

  1. Use Sliced Cheese

There are various kinds of cheese available in the market, and it can get a bit confusing. The safest is to reach for your trusty sliced cheese, and you can top one on another and use as much cheese as you desire.

With the sliced cheese, you can use grated cheese and also your favorite topping to go with it. Choose the kind of cheese which will go with the topping you like.

  1. The Cheese Amount Should Be Right

One important thing to keep in mind is to use just enough cheese to cover the whole bread, or you will be left will a whole lot of cleaning due to the overflowing of cheese. So the best for the purpose is opting for cheese slices.

  1. Keep the Temperature at a Constant Level

The right amount of heat is crucial for a golden brown grilled cheese that makes your mouth water instantly. Keep the griddle at a constant heat of about 275 Degree F and get the perfect crisp.

At a higher temperature, the bread will get burned, and the outcome would be less than enjoyable.

  1. Do Not Press the Bread

Do not press on the bread even if you want to as it will flatten the bread and cheese might flow out unless you like a flattened sandwich.

Also, flipping the sandwich every 5 minutes is required for even cooking and brown sides.


  • Do not touch the griddle with bare hands when cooking as it can burn your hand
  • Use a spatula to flip
  • Make sure the griddle is cooled before cleaning

Final Words

On your next gathering, do not worry, set up your griddle and pop a bread and get the grilled cheese going. Now that you know how to make grilled cheese on a griddle, you will get the perfect, mouthwatering grilled cheese for your friends and family.

Just remember not to burn your hands nor the bread. Add your favorite topping and wait for it to cool down a little. Serve your grilled cheese alongside a sauce and some grilled veggies on your griddle. And enjoy the meal.

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