Blackstone 28-Inch Griddle Review

Regarded as one of the finest cooking stations for outdoor parties, the Blackstone griddle deserves a thorough review. But the only reason we waited is that we wanted to see if it’s worth all the hype.

And to our delight, it certainly stands up to the name of Blackstone and to the hype it has created. Hence, this Blackstone 28-inch griddle review is long overdue.

It’s something anyone with a backyard will be happy to add to their arsenal because it isn’t there just to look neat but is, in reality, one of the most useful things you will ever buy.

Blackstone 28-Inch Griddle Comparison Table





Item Weight

Item Dimension


Blackstone 28-Inch Griddle Review


Alloy Steel


69 Pounds

44.5 x 19.5 x 33.5 inches

Blackstone Griddle 28 Inches


Alloy Steel


120 Pounds

62.5 x 22 x 36 inches

Things to Consider before You Buy

28-Inch Griddle

A griddle can be of many types and sizes. But if you’re buying one for outdoor activities, there are specific things you want from it. You want a proper cooking station that can be both easy to use, clean, and move around.

However, when buying them, we only check their size and space. That’s why you should check some of the features that go unnoticed.

  • Cooktop

A griddle cooktop isn’t additional cookware that you can replace. So, you should make sure it can withstand the heat. And also, if the material is prone to rusting in the instance of not being used in a while. Very often, though, if you use your griddle regularly, it will lose its shine and get stained.

That’s acceptable. But parts of the steel flocking off isn’t. So, check the quality of the top.

  • Side Shelves

Side shelves add more dimension to your station as you have more space to keep ingredients close by. Having to reach far away can be annoying, and so side shelves help.

  • Heat Zone and Burner

Having more burners and heat zones helps to cook more dynamically as you can cook several items at a time.

Blackstone 28-Inch Griddle Review

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Blackstone is known for its amazing griddles, and for this review, we have chosen their most compact and efficient cook station.


When you hear griddle, you immediately picture a breakfast cooking flat surface they use in restaurants. But the griddle that we are talking about here is one that can be used anywhere.

Going on a picnic? The griddle is perfect for some alfresco dining. Now, you’re probably wondering if it will be too big to transport or to keep on your small patio?

And this is why this 28-inches station is a game-changer. It is small and doesn’t take much space. You can simply keep it patio, porch, or backyard and start cooking. Also, you don’t have to seclude yourself while others are enjoying themselves. All that can be done simultaneously anywhere with this item.

On top of that, the secured caster wheels enable them to be carried around as well. But that doesn’t make this any less stable because the lock system and foldable legs keep it steady and don’t let the griddle vibrate.

Now, let’s talk about what this has to offer. This will make you replace your grill or BBQ instantly as the thick steel top is ideal for cooking bacon, steak, fried rice, pancake, etc. You can cook everything easily while not being distracted by if you got the heat right.

The two burners and the electric push button to instantly start the ignition give you complete control and don’t waste time. With the burners, you can choose separate heat for cooking on the same top.

One of the best parts of this is the adjustable heat zones. As you don’t have to cook one at a time, you can cut down cooking time by using the separate heat zones as you need. The cooktop has sustained heat retention to ensure you don’t burn your food and use exactly as needed.

And when it comes to cleaning, it’s much easier to clean than any other outdoor cooker. The flat-top only needs a couple of swipes to be squeaky clean.

As a complete cooking unit, this is very convenient. You have the side shelf to place the food, and you don’t have to look elsewhere to hurriedly put away the cooked meals. However, since it’s the compact size, you only get a single shelve, unlike in the larger ones where you get two.

  • Cook different food simultaneously
  • Use the shelf to keep ingredients close
  • 2 burners to control the heat
  • No time wasted with the instant igniter button

  • Grease may run down the leg when cooking

Blackstone Griddle 28 Inches vs. 36 Inches

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To summarise, the 36 inches have more of everything, including a heftier price and, of course, size.

If you have space to fit the 36 inches griddle, then it will definitely give you more space to cook on. You will get two shelves and 4 burners. With the 4 burners, you can have control over the 4 heat zones, and it will let you cook even more items simultaneously.

But for most people with an average-sized backyard might still prefer the 28” griddle as it takes less space. And you might have to spend an extra round cooking, but the result and benefits are more or less the same.

So, the main issue is whether you have adequate space and if you need 4 burners for even more control.

Final Words

This griddle has been one of the most popular of its kind for a while now. We think the design and the sleek appearance have to do with it. It was designed to make the best of your time, and if you use it, you will notice it all the more. However, it could improve on the dripping grease issue in later versions.

With that, we end our Blackstone 28-inch griddle review and hope it answered your questions.

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