Blackstone 17-Inch Griddle Review

When you’re out camping, it can be challenging to get a good fire going and cook food on it. What can really be an excellent solution to this problem? Blackstone’s 17-inches portable gas-griddle, of course!

A portable gas griddle can be of immense help outside camping, and many consider taking them on their trips. Blackstone is quite well known for its quality griddles.

This article will help you know what to look for while buying a griddle. It will also provide you with a Blackstone 17-inches griddle review and list all the pros and cons.

List Of The Best Blackstone 17-Inch Griddle – Our Editor’s Pick:

How We Know?

Blackstone gridde test

Blackstone Griddle is well worth it if you’re seeking a huge cooking surface and a long-lasting, high-quality piece of equipment.

Before buying any product, we check users’ reviews and feedback. We also look for unbiased review sites to see whether people like the product or not! We are no different from anyone else in this regard.

So before purchasing a griddle, we wanted to buy the best griddle to cook perfect pancakes in each possible attempt.

Blackstone 17-Inches Griddle is a popular item in the marketplace for its popularity among the thousands of satisfied customers who have used it for a long time.

It’s not easy to find a product designed to serve all its consumers in the best way possible. We also ran tests under extreme conditions to determine its legitimacy by evaluating how much the best of the bests can endure.

We got our so-far-best outdoor experience with this piece. It’s made of stainless steel, making it the perfect choice for outdoor grilling.

It comes with a removable grease tray, so we didn’t have to worry about greasy messes after grilling. Also, it has a double-thickness nonstick coating.

How We Tested the 17-Inches Blackstone Griddle?

First, we researched griddles available in the market and read the reviews of various consumers who had used those griddles. After looking at multiple models, the Blackstone 17-inches Cast Iron Griddle became our first choice.

It came with excellent build quality and had been designed with a super appealing interior and exterior.

17 Inch griddle test

There are a lot of tests that an individual can do to determine the quality of a product.

For example, one can use different substances like nail-polish remover, scotch tape, and boiling water on various spots on the Griddle surface.

If you want to know about the overall quality of the griddle, then there is one test that will give you accurate results. You need to take a knife and make random scratches on it.

Suppose those scratches are not noticeable after some time. In that case, it means that the griddle is of high quality and will last longer than the other ones.

What to Look for in a Blackstone Before Buying?

Blackstone gridde

Before buying a griddle, things are important to consider or look out for. The features you should consider in a griddle are:

  • Flat Cooking Surface

The first thing someone who likes to cook eggs in a griddle will look for is a flat cooking surface. Slight tilts can mess up your breakfast eggs and cause grease to run amok.

Another great advantage of a flat cooking surface is that you can cook several different items simultaneously at separate corners of the same surface. This becomes incredibly easier when the surface is large enough. You can cook eggs on one side and sausages or a burger patty.

  • Grease Flow Channels

Grease build-up can damage and decrease the longevity of many griddles. It can even interfere with the temperature controls of many griddles. Ensure the griddle you’re buying has proper grease flow to remove grease before it builds up.

  • Even Heating

Some griddles do not offer even heating, and most of the heat is concentrated in a few areas. But, a griddle providing even heating overall so that all the four corners cook evenly is what you need the most.

Blackstone 17-Inches Griddle Review

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First off the bat, you’ll notice the Blackstone griddle’s 260 square inches cooking surface. This large cooking surface is made even with utmost perfection. It can cook assorted items like eggs and sausages too simultaneously. It has enough space to easily cook for two people and can also be easily set up.

A single stainless steel 12000 BTU ‘H’ burner is used for heating. The particular shape of the burner allows for even heat distribution, and as a result, there are no heat spots while cooking with this griddle. And the burner is started by piezoelectric ignition, which allows for excellent heat control.

The Blackstone 17-inches griddle is also convenient to use. It makes use of 1 pound propane bottles, so it doesn’t end up taking much space. This makes the griddle and the fuel easy to carry conveniently during camping or tailgating.

You can also use a 20-pound propane tank since this griddle has a conversion hose. The convenience is also coupled with functionality as this griddle features a grease catcher and an effortless way to remove grease.

So, preventing grease build-up and keeping this griddle clean is relatively easy, and this helps increase its longevity.

Stability is an essential issue while cooking outside, as sometimes you might not even find a proper surface. Fortunately, this is not too much of a problem for this griddle since it features adjustable rubber feet. This allows you to balance the griddle and make sure your cooking surface is always even, which is necessary.

Storage is also less of an issue since the design of this griddle allows you to flip over the cooking surface. This saves space and makes storing it in your car or RV easy. Finally, Blackstone also offers convenient 2-pieces storage for carrying and storing this griddle.

Overall, this 17-inches Blackstone griddle offers you everything you want or need in a griddle. You’ll find yourself indeed having a wonderful cooking experience while using it.

  • High heat output and distribution due to the ‘H’ burner
  • A large cooking surface that can adequately serve two people
  • Easy grease catching mechanism and removal system
  • Durable design and relatively easy to store

  • A bit on the heavier side compared to some other griddles

Blackstone’s Table-top Griddles: 17-Inches vs. 22-Inches

17-Inches vs. 22-Inches


Another popular griddle from Blackstone is the 22-inches one. Both griddles often get compared. Let’s look at the differences:

  • Cooking Surface

The 22-inches griddle has a bigger cooking surface than the 17-inches one. You can use the 22-inches one for larger gatherings.

  • Burner

Two ‘H’ burners are used in the 22-inches griddle. These two burners allow you to cook at different temperatures concurrently.

  • Portability

While both are portable, the 17-inches one is less heavy and easier to carry.

How to Use Blackstone’s 17-Inches griddle

Using a 17-inches griddle isn’t too tricky. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Cleaning

Before and after every use, make sure you clean your griddle. You should use some hot soapy water to remove any residue on the griddle.

  1. Seasoning

Lightly dab a paper towel or brush into some vegetable oil. Then wipe it over the surface of the griddle. This is known as seasoning, which helps with cooking and preventing rust on the griddle.

  1. Fuel Supply

Connect the propane tank to the body. Make sure it is secure, and there are no leaks. Once checked, allow the propane to flow!

  1. Ignition

Press the ignite button and wait. The propane will ignite, and the griddle can be used to cook. Adjust the heat as necessary!

Final Words

Hopefully, you find this 17-inches Blackstone Griddle Review informative and helpful. If you’re looking for a quality griddle that you can use for camping, this can undoubtedly be a good pick. For larger gatherings, we recommend the 22-inches one.

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