The Best Wooden Salad Bowls Review in 2021

Wooden salad bowls can be a great addition to your home. They add a lot to your house décor and make your salads look even fresher! These are also easy to use, clean, and last quite long.

As this is a fairly common thing that almost everyone wants in their house, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here we’ll help you get the best wooden salad bowls possible. The list not only contains names but also gives you thorough details about each product.

All the bowls here are from our favorite brands. As many people have loved them throughout the years and have had little to complain about, we’re sure these won’t disappoint you!

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Things to Consider before Buying Wooden Salad Bowls

To ensure that you’ve landed the best wooden salad serving bowl, you’ll need to keep a few features in consideration before your purchase. Keeping an eye out for these things will make sure that you choose the ideal wooden bowl based on your needs.

  • Wood

Many kinds of wood can be used when constructing a salad bowl. Maple, cherry, black walnut, teak, and olive are some examples. Besides having obvious differences in the way they look, they also differ in quality. Olive has a dark color with light streaks and is quite strong.

If you love walnut, you’ll love walnut wood. Beautiful on its own, the wood needs no coloring. You will taste a slight walnut flavor in your food, though, which can be a great thing for people who adore the nut. Walnut wood is also known for durability.

Woods that you might want to avoid are birch, oak, and beech. Although they look great, they chip quite easily and also tend to break too soon.

  • Safety

Wood and water don’t go along so well. So sometimes, to make the bowl last longer, manufacturers might add layers of chemicals to prevent damage in the kitchen. This might make the salad bowl pretty and durable but quite dangerous for your child/pet’s stomach.

And wood that naturally stays in one piece and does not dry out will be a great choice. Make sure you know your wood before getting the bowl.

  • Maintenance

Keeping your wooden salad bowl can be quite daunting. As most woods do no respond to water too well, you might want to stay away from your typical dishwashing habits.

Never put a wooden bowl in a dishwasher and avoid scraping of all sorts. To get the thing clean, run the bowl under water and pat it dry immediately. If you want to use soap, use mild, unscented ones. Also, for a better taste, you can season your wooden bowl with salt and lemon juice.

5 Best Wooden Salad Bowls Review

In the list below, we have compiled five of the best wood salad bowls you can get. These look great on any table and will serve you well for a long, long time.

1. Lipper International 1174 Acacia Wave Serving Bowl for Fruits or Salads

Lipper International is known for making wooden boards, serving plates, bowls, utensils, and even kid’s toys that last quite long. They stay away from harsh chemicals making wooden structures that are safer and non-toxic.

This deep bowl is constructed of acacia wood. With a large dimension of 7-inch height and 12-inch diameter, this is a great family-sized bowl to have on your table. You can fit in salads for at least 6 people in this bowl. To keep the wooden salad bowl clean, use some mild soap and water.

No unnecessary maintenance involved. The wood that is used to make this bowl does not react too much when in contact with water, so you don’t always have to be in a hurry. Although drying off any wooden structure as soon as possible is recommended.

The contemporary wave design is different and stands out in the crowd. No need to worry; these swirls won’t get in the way when you are serving. The rustic design almost makes the bowl look hand carved and unique.

Acacia wood is known for having an amber colored base with lighter highlights throughout. This color is rich but not dark.


  • Lightweight
  • Large family-sized 7-inch high and 12-inch in diameter bowl
  • Can be cleaned easily; no additional maintenance involved
  • Made with strong acacia wood
  • Contemporary wave design makes each bowl unique


  • Utensils not included

2. AIDEA Wood Salad/Soup/Cereal/snack bowls

The great thing about this set is that the size is so versatile you can use the bowls for any kind of food.

Available in 7-inch diameter and 3-inch height, you can use the bowls for salad, cereal, soup, fruits, oatmeals, or even as a serving bowl for snacks. You get 4 of these bowls per set. And you can expect these bowls to stick around for a while without getting any chips or discoloration.

They also don’t break that easily. Constructed with acacia wood, the bowls are kept in their original color, giving your dining table a gorgeous homespun vibe. Besides the color, the grains are also kept in the design, making each bowl different from the other.

A perfect combination of design, simplicity, and durability makes this one of the best wooden salad bowl sets. In comparison to traditional glass or ceramic bowls, these are more lightweight. You can also drop them a couple of times without them breaking into pieces.


  • Crack and chip resistant
  • The color won’t fade
  • Versatile size
  • Original color and grain of wood preserved
  • Weights less and easy to maintain


  • Wooden utensils need to be bought separately for use
  • Metal spoons will scratch the surface

3. Avami Acacia Wood Salad Bowl with Servers Set

Looking for a classic wooden salad bowl? Simple with no fancy additions? We’ve got you covered.

This one from Avami is a basic round, simple wooden salad bowl that goes with any table setting and occasion. Whether you’re going for a contemporary or medieval vibe, this bowl will fit into any situation.

Handcrafted and made with care, these acacia bowls won’t let you down when it comes to quality. Even with regular use, the color does not fade. If you wash the bowl with care and don’t use any sharp utensils on the surface, you’ll have this bow with you for ages.

For ease of use, wooden utensils are provided with the bowl. These match the color, pattern, and grain of the bowl. No alteration is made to the original color and grain of the acacia wood, making each wooden piece unique. This also gives the bowl the light mud-colored pattern.

Whether your food is wet or dry, hot or cold, this bowl will be able to handle it all. As you can’t leave a wooden bowl, soaking use this only as a serving dish. There is no additional smell that lingers off of this wooden bowl, so no unwanted flavor is added. You also don’t need to season this one that often.


  • Simple and classic design
  • Fits into any dinner setting
  • Handcrafted
  • Color won’t fade
  • Sturdy construction
  • No additional smell


  • Smaller in size

4. Nambe Anvil Salad Bowl with Servers

Although constructed with the same acacia wood, this serving bowl has a deeper and richer color than most of the others. This color compliments the greens in your salad and helps make them look fresher and greener. A fancy bowl like this should be paired with fancy servers.

To keep you from having to buy extra wooden utensils, this bowl comes with its own. Two unique shaped matching acacia servers are included with your purchase. These have their own hanging space on the side of the bowl and are great for serving large proportions of salad.

Handles on both sides look like metal and go quite well will the dark wooden color of the bowl. With the help of these, you can carry your salad bowl easily from the kitchen to the table. If you plan on using the bowl as popcorn or snack servers at a party, these handles can also be useful for passing the bowl around the room.

No matter what the price is, this bowl is a must-have for any person who loves wooden cookware. They are made to look like they belonged in a past era, a time where things were simpler.


  • Unique ancient and classic design
  • Handles provided for ease of use
  • Great for parties
  • Salad server included
  • Rich and deep color compliments greens


  • Quite expensive

5. RegaLuxury Acacia Bowl With Salad Serving Hands 

Besides being more durable and better looking than ceramic, plastic, and glass bowls, wooden bowls are also more eco-friendly.

No harmful chemicals were used in the making of this acacia bowl. Each of the serving bowls is crafted by hand and inspected thoroughly before they are sent off to retailers. You can rest assured that you’re getting only the best quality products when you buy from RegaLuxury.

This multi-purpose bowl is not only limited to serving salads. Use the bowl for popcorn, light snacks, or dry fruits. The classic 4-inch height and 12-inch diameter make this the perfect serving bowl for chips and pasta as well. Light amber in color, this bowl could easily be the centerpiece to any of your parties.

Serving hands that were made with the same acacia wood are included with the purchase. These are great for tossing and serving salads or pasta. A simple wash with warm soapy water will keep the bowls clean. Remember not to put them in the dishwasher or the oven and to pat them dry with a towel after every wash.


  • Durable construction
  • Serving hands included; great for tossing salads
  • Simple washing procedure
  • Light amber in color; looks quite classy
  • No harmful chemicals used
  • Eco-friendly


  • Does get chips and nicks easily
  • Color might fade

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions asked by users when getting wooden salad bowls.

  1. How to oil a wooden salad bowl?

Use food oil and soak the bowl overnight with it. Later rub the product in with some paper towels.

  1. Can you eat straight out of a wooden bowl?

Yes, you can. When doing this, remember not to use sharp utensils. Wooden spoons and forks, naturally, go best with wooden bowls as they don’t scrape any layers off.

  1. How to make my wooden salad bowl last longer?

Rub your bowl with wood preserver and fine steel wool. Afterward, buff the product in both inside and outside with a rag. This will help prevent any further water damage to the bowl.

  1. What do you season a wooden salad bowl with?

Use any type of food-grade oil and a tablespoon of coarse salt and run this mixture into the interior of the bowl. Let the mixture stay for a while then wipe the bowl clean.

  1. Are wooden salad bowls safe?

Unless there are any harsh chemicals involved, wooden salad bowls are completely food-safe. They are just like any other bowl except the fact that they have to be kept dry most of the time.

Final Words

Get yourself the best wooden salad bowls from this list to kick your serving game up a notch. Leave your guests at awe. Turn any casual gathering into a fancy party with any of the bowls we’ve mentioned above. With these long-lasting wooden salad bowls, you can toss your greens with class!

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