The Best Portable Camping Sink Reviews | Top 5 Picks – 2021

If you’ve gone camping even once in your life, you’ll know that a camping sink always comes in handy. They bring out their convenience right out of the box by making your camping tour a whole lot easier.

That’s because, without one, you would most probably find yourself in a fix, not knowing how to wash those dirty dishes. I mean, you’re going to have to eat off them again, right?

So, we’ve put together a guide that’ll help you find the best portable camping sink for you. Once you’ve got your hands on one of these babies, your camping trips will automatically become a lot easier. So, let’s start by seeing what makes a great camping sink.

#List Of The Best Portable Camping Sink – Our Editor’s Pick:

5 Best Portable Camping Sink Reviews

Now that you know why you must get yourself a portable camping sink, let’s consider some of the top choices.

1. SereneLife Portable Camping Sink

SereneLife Portable Camping Sink w/ Towel Holder &...

The first one on our list is this portable camping sink from SereneLife. You’ve probably already heard of them since they’re one of the best at the game. And this sink successfully manages to live up to its reputation. Let’s find out what’s so good about it.

You’ll probably be delighted to find out that this one actually comes in two different variants: the advanced and the standard version. On top of that, you can even pair this up with a portable toilet if you want to.

Outdoor camping life is going to get a lot better with the convenience of this camping sink. It’s effortless to fill this up with water and use it just like a conventional sink.

Use the foot pump and watch a steady stream of water come out of the faucets. That’s right, this one even comes with a good-looking faucet.

Keeping things clean should be a top priority when you’re out camping. And this compact portable sink makes it possible. There is even a small contraption for keeping hand wash on top of the sink.

Most importantly, the design is lightweight. So, you can eventually bring this out to all your camping trips without adding too much weight. You can also carry it quite easily since it has a handle. The wheels underneath also add to the portability factor.


  • Offers a lot of customizability
  • Comes with multiple use-cases
  • Compact build makes it super portable
  • The material is entirely food-safe


  • A little on the expensive side

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2. Outsunny Portable Folding Camping Sink Table

Outsunny Portable Folding Camping Sink Table with...

In the second place, we have this portable camping sink table from Outsunny. They might be quite new in the game, but you can rest assured that they’ve already rounded up quite the credibility. Let’s check out the details about this one.

This one is just like a total utility table, so you can probably guess that it is perfect for camping. It even has multipurpose use cases, which means you can use this while you’re out camping, fishing, or when you’re doing a BBQ out in the woods.

The best part about this is probably the ample washing surface. That’s right, there is so much space for you to wash your dishes on. There are two separate basins on this one. So, your job of cleaning and keeping things aside to dry becomes way easier.

If you look carefully, you’ll even get to see a garbage disposal bag slot on the side of the sink. You can also keep your fishing rod on the side too.

A lot of the cheaper camping sinks tend to break apart after a few days of use. But not this one! You can expect this one to last you for numerous camping trips to come.

The steel frame gives the table its rigidity. You can also hook up a faucet to the top of the sink quite seamlessly.


  • Comes with an ample washing surface
  • Built to last with rugged durability
  • Can be used in multiple events
  • Compatible with different faucets


  • Might stain a little too easily

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3. Lifetime 4 Foot Folding Sink for Camping

Lifetime 280560 4 Foot Folding Fish Fillet...

Here, we have this fascinating folding sink table from Lifetime. They haven’t been in the business for too long, but they’ve already made quite the name for themselves by being the peoples’ favorite. Let’s find out why!

A fascinating part about this good-looking washbasin is probably the folding mechanism. Fold it up and place it in the back of your car when you’re starting for the trip. And when you’re done with the trip, clean it and fold it back up again when you’re returning home.

You can rest assured that this one will give you quite the experience while you’re out camping. If you’re concerned about the type of hoses it attaches to, you’ll be delighted to know that the sink easily connects to a garden hose.

It might be a bummer that you don’t get a faucet with this one, but the spray nozzle is just as effective. You can even control the water flow from it, so you don’t have to make a mess while cleaning up.

There might be a time when you need to keep things, and your camping bag is already loaded. This is where this sink comes in handy again. The dedicated storage space has enough storage for you to keep the smaller accessories.

That’s not all, you can even carry this after folding the table with the attached carrying handle. So, fold it in half and stick it to the back of your SUV.


  • It’s foldable, making it easy to carry
  • Comes with an HDPE base for UV protection
  • Boasts great stain resistance
  • Powder-coated frame has a sturdy build


  • The height adjustments aren’t too smooth

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4. Tricam Outdoor Cleaning Table with Stainless Steel Faucet

Tricam MT-2/SKFT-44 Outdoor Fish and Game Cleaning...

At number 4, we have an outdoor cleaning table from Tricam. You might have already heard of them, but if you haven’t, they’re quite good at what they do. That includes this cleaning table type sink too. Let’s get into the details.

Although the table was aimed at cleaning game and fish outdoors, you can practically wash the dishes. You’ll even get a neat-looking stainless steel faucet with the table, making this an amazing combo.

The faucet has a quick-connect mechanism, which cuts down a lot of time since you don’t have to screw it in. There’s also a channel below to help drain the dishwater. The hose is long enough not to splash water when you’re washing dishes or cleaning game.

An interesting fact about this is that it can take up to 150 lbs. of weight. So, it’s pretty sturdy and strong enough to hold all your utensils when you’ve left them to dry.

With the foldable metal stand, you can easily fold it up and place it at the back of your vehicle. This makes so much sense when you’re going on a camping trip with your SUV. It won’t even take up much space.

The best part about this would probably be the affordability. Compared to the other cleaning tables on the list, this one is right up there as one of the most affordable ones.


  • Made with high-quality stainless steel
  • Comparatively affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for cleaning game


  • No wire mesh rack underneath

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5. Coleman Folding Double Wash Basin

Coleman Folding Double Wash Basin

Let’s end this on a high note with this affordable offering from Coleman. You want portability? You got it. This brand set out to provide you a good experience at a comparatively reasonable price. And this washbasin is one of the most practical things you’ll see!

First off, you might not even think of it as a washbasin. The construction is quite different, and it doesn’t resemble any conventional washbasins at all. There are a couple of chambers, so you can use one for washing dishes and the other for rinsing.

The basins are entirely made out of high-quality PVC. They’re both of equal size, and the whole contraption is pretty easy to carry. You can fold the entire thing up like a large piece of cloth.

And when you’re about to use it on the trip, use the rigid rods to support the washbasins. When folded, the entire setup becomes thinner than a small bag. So, you can tick the portability segment right away!

The top side has three handles attached. So, you can carry it anywhere without making it look like a big deal. The only problem is that the corners seem to leak sometimes.


  • Great value for money
  • Foldable, so it’s easy to carry
  • Comes with two separate chambers for rinsing and washing
  • Has a sleek and sturdy design


  • The edges might leak water at times

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What Makes a Perfect Portable Camping Sink?

Before moving right into the reviews, let’s find out what factors make a portable camping sink perfect.


This is one of the major concerns of cheaper camping sinks. You can’t really work when your sink isn’t stable. You’ve got to make sure that the legs of the sink are well balanced while you’re out camping.


Since camping sinks aren’t something you’ll buy every year, the sink must be sturdy. With enough durability, these appliances might last you for a long time.

These sort of sinks are built with different materials. Some of them are made with simple PVC panels. But don’t compromise the build quality if you don’t want to purchase the same thing repeatedly.


Good design is crucial for a camping sink. Since they’re aimed at outdoor use, they are quite different from conventional sinks. A practical design has to be kept in mind when these sort of sinks are concerned.

Since you’re going to be using them outdoors in the woods, you need them to be quite rugged.


The last thing that a perfect camping sink should have is portability. Different sinks are made in different processes, but they are made to be somewhat compact and portable.

That’s because you need to be able to carry them on the back of your SUV when you’re on your way to a camping trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What steps should I take before buying one?

Portable sinks are quite intuitive and straightforward. So, before you buy one, just make sure you do enough research to know if you’re getting the best deal.

  1. What are the primary needs for camping?

If you’re asking this question, you’re probably not a frequent camper. So, let’s enlighten you with the details. Camping trips are fun and exciting. There’s always a surprise factor in every camping trip, no matter how prepared you are. But there are always some things you can’t go without.

They include tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, camping pillows, camping chairs, flashlights, camp tables, lanterns, and some other things.

It would be best to carry a pocket knife, a first aid kit, a compass, and a map for those extreme situations. The compass and map duo have saved so many people from getting lost in the woods.

  1. What types of foods to bring when camping?

Well, even if you’re planning on going camping, you better keep some food with you. There’s always a chance that you might not catch a wild chicken when you’re hunting for food in the woods. So, it’s always better to be prepared.

You know how big camping bags can get, and the food baskets add just another thing to carry around.

It’s important that you make some fresh tortillas, dehydrated foods, snacks like beef jerky, instant coffee packets or tea bags, cup noodles or instant Mac & Cheese, and some other snacks. You can even carry some delicious S’mores while you’re at it. Make sure to bring eggs, fruits, and cheese too.

  1. How do you dispose of dishwater when camping?

It is normal to have dishwater after you’re done washing. Just gather the food particles in a zip lock bag and keep them packed for throwing in the garbage later.

Now for the water. You can scatter the dishwater around a wide sunny area. This will inevitably allow the water to evaporate quickly without making a mess.

  1. How do you clean up while camping?

Cleaning up is a must when you’re out camping. Fill a large pot with water, and then use a few drops of biodegradable soap. You should be able to scrub off the food particles off the dishes.

When you’re done, take the large pot full of dishwater and carry it at least 200ft away. This is a safety step to make sure the wild animals aren’t lured towards you.

  1. How do you clean dishes without a sink?

Although this guide is for a sink, let’s show you a little alternative trick. Bring loads of paper towels. Wipe those food residues right off of the plates and dishes.

Make sure to get them as clean as possible. Then, fill up a pot and use that to wash the dishes.

  1. How do you make a portable sink with hot water?

Making one of these is quite simple, actually. You can build one with some PVC panels and rods. Also, pick out a faucet. If you want to keep things simple, you can use a water heater and a pump to make this project doable.

Final Words

If you’ve followed this list closely, you can probably guess which would be the best portable camping sink for you! And if you’re still confused, you can probably look at the quirks and features again to find out.

All five of the choices on the list come with unique features. You can get any one of these, and you wouldn’t be disappointed. Just make sure to get the full use out of them.

That’s because it’s crucial to keep the woods clean. Mother nature doesn’t want any more waste to pile up all over again. So, whether you’re using a camping sink or not, try keeping the environment clean.

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