Best Commercial Pizza Dough Mixer Reviews in 2023

Do you want to see your pizza ‘dream’ come true? Then stop taking your dough quality so lightly. After all, isn’t it what makes your pizza the perfect one? Now, the question is how to lower the bars of hassles in making the dough right.

Want the easiest solution there? Just bring in the best pizza dough mixer and leave the rest on its remarkable ability to create the perfect dough. But the game just doesn’t end there, as you’ll get to see a ton of mixers for pizza dough. This is where we jump in to help you out by getting you introduced to the finest mixers.

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How we know?

Pizza is one of those delicious things our family and friends just can’t live without, and I think the dough used can really add to what a delicious pizza could be.

Therefore, if you are a pizza fanatic, you can’t deny the importance of a pizza dough mixer in your kitchen. When you plan to buy the best pizza dough mixer, it’s essential to consider several factors.

To help you get out of this bind, we’re here to assist you in selecting an unrivaled industrial pizza dough mixer.

To help you discover the most perfect mixer, our specialists have done in-depth analysis on the web platform.

They checked multiple websites for reviews of mixers of various brands so they could find out about the purchasers’ experiences. Once the research was over, our experts have discovered many brands that customers liked the best.

They checked the highest five mixer brands that had the star positive reviews. A summarized comparison of those 5 mixer brands can surely assist you in shopping for the best mixer that will be most fitted for you.

How we tested our Best Commercial Pizza Dough Mixers?

tested Commercial Pizza Dough Mixers

At first, our experts checked the motor’s power by putting a similar quantity of dough in all 5 mixers. They checked the time for the dough to mix.

They also examined the material used in its construction, as many people prefer mixers with rubberized plastic handles and knobs rather than metal.

The next thing that our experts have carefully checked was the size of the mixer bowl. Not all mixers have the same sized bowl. If you plan to make a lot of pizza at once, you will need a large bowl capacity.

The most important part of the mixer is various types of speed. Our experts have gone through procedures to determine how many speed types were there and if they worked perfectly or not.

They also checked if the mixer comes with a slow start.

After all the tests were done, our team created a “pros-and-cons” table of the 5 mixers. This table can facilitate customers in selecting the right blender and why they must purchase the blender of that individual brand.

5 Best Commercial Pizza Dough Mixer Reviews

Pizza Dough Mixer

We know you don’t have all the time in the world. So, won’t it be better to keep the list short? Don’t worry; that’s what we’ve done precisely here by cutting the list short with the top 5 pizza dough mixers. Now, you pick which one will be your next pizza assistant. Here comes our first one –

1. Aucma Stand Mixer

If a dough mixer is the only thing that is stopping you from perfecting your pizza recipes, then we’ve got a savior for you on our list. It’s the Aucma Stand Mixer that we’re talking about.

This cool-looking mixer with the 660W pure copper motor can generate enough power to get you the most delicate dough for your pizzas. Thanks to its 6 optimized speeds backed by pulse function that’ll make it easy as pie for you to maintain a variation in the dough quality.

And don’t you dare to worry about the quantity. Because its large stainless steel bowl with 6.5QT capacity got that covered for you. Plus, the tilt-head design has converted it into a pure piece of convenience by allowing you to take out the bowl anytime you want.

One of the everyday hassles that come for free with mixers is vibration. But thankfully, that ain’t be a problem for this mixer as the 4 silicone anti-slip suction cups will keep it steady as a rock. On top of that, the splash guard saves you from making a mess while mixing the dough.

  • Comes with a powerful motor
  • 6-speed modes help with the variation
  • The bowl has a large capacity
  • Splash guard doesn’t allow to make any mess
  • Anti-slip suction cups keep it steady

  • A bit noisy

2. Hamilton Beach 63391

Not every brand knows how to give a kitchen tech an efficient form, but thankfully team Hamilton Beach does. You don’t need to look too far. Just checking out their 63391 Electric Stand Mixer is more than enough to get an idea.

Its 300-watt motor is so powerful that even the toughest ingredients can’t resist the blending. Thanks to 7-speed settings with a convenient dial for easing that up like a piece of cake. But team Hamilton Beach didn’t want you to have the slightest confusion while using it. So, they’ve added a speed guide on the top of the mixer.

And what to say about the design? The makers have given it a tilt-up head design, making it a lightweight tech. Now, whether you need to have a check on the mixture or change attachments, both can be done faster than ever.

By the way, 63391 comes with a whisk beater, flat beater, and dough hook to help you in getting the right dough. Plus, the stainless steel made 4-quart bowl allows you to make enough dough for one time. And don’t worry about splashing as a splash guard will be there to back you up.

  • 300-watt motor generates enough power
  • 7-speed setting ensures speed variation
  • Comes with a mixing guide
  • Tilt-up head design is easy to use
  • Equipped with useful attachments

  • Doesn’t have the highest bowl capacity

3. KitchenAid KP26M9XCCU

It’s time to have a look at a different type of mixer that shows equal efficiency to the finest pizza dough mixers. Yes, we’re talking about the KP26M9XCCU Bowl-Lift stand mixer from KitchenAid.

With its 575-watt motor, you’re going to have 10 speeds that can pull off any mixing job with ease. On top of that, the stainless steel made 6-quart bowl will get you enough dough for baking experiments.

Team KitchenAid has added almost everything that you’re going to need to make a dough perfect for your next pizza adventure. Doesn’t matter if you’re asking for a flat beater, spiral dough hook, or the 6-wire whisk, it’s got them all in for you. Now mixing, kneading, or whipping, nothing will be a tough nut anymore.

Unlike the low-end ones, this heavy-duty mixer can deliver a powerful performance. Moreover, its burnished aluminum body is meant to serve you for a long time. And in case you’re worried about the stability, its Bowl-Lift design ain’t going compromise it even if you’re dealing with some harsh ingredients.

  • 575-watt motor delivers powerful performance
  • 10 speeds bring perfection to the dough
  • Perfect attachments for mixing, kneading, and whipping
  • Can deal with tough ingredients easily
  • Comes with a durable construction

  • Comparatively heavy

4. Dash Stand Mixer

Not everyone is a fan of powerhouses in the name of a mixer. Some like the low-key segment too. You’ll love the Electric Stand Mixer from Dash if you’re one of them.

Just because we said low-key, I don’t think its arsenal is free of powerful and valuable features. Its 250-watt motor generates enough power through the 6-speed options. So, if you’re planning to surprise your friend or family with a perfectly baked pizza, it can be the right assistant.

Not only that, but if you need its help with meringue, creamy dressings, or frosting, it ain’t going to back off. Moreover, its compact design with a 5lbs weight won’t eat up much of your space whether you put it on the countertop or a shelf. Plus, its lightweight construction is easy to carry anywhere.

With its tilting motor-head, you won’t have to take a headache for the mess. Besides, the attachments are super convenient when it comes to ejecting. But the most interesting part is its adjustable slide that allows you to ensure your ingredient mixture.

  • 250-watt motor ensures a decent power level
  • The 6-speed option gives a versatile performance
  • Compact construction requires less space
  • Lightweight enough to carry easily
  • Adjustable slide helps with the mixture

  • Bowl capacity is insufficient for bigger families

5. Nurxiovo 3-in-1 Stand Mixer

It’s time to wrap up with the most badass mixer on our list. We bet, just with the look, you’ll get enough idea why we’ve used the word ‘badass’ here. Let’s get started with this one on the last slot, then – the 3-in-1 Stand Mixer from Nurxiovo.

Rather than calling this 850-watt motor-powered tech a mixer, it’s better to call it a multi-tasker. Along with letting you have the finest pizza dough, it’s capable of replacing your juice extractor and meat blender too.

With the built-in chip sensor, you won’t have to think twice about the overheating issue, as this one gets shut off if the temperature reaches the ceiling. Though it comes with a ton of functions, this powerhouse doesn’t take the sound beyond 72dB.

Now comes the main game, the operation. Its 6-speed control with pulse speed makes sure that you can maintain the task segment efficiently. On top of that, the splash guard won’t let you make a mess even at the highest speed. The 6.5qt bowl makes sure you’re getting enough room to keep your dough.

You can call it one of the smartest mixers in the world with closed eyes. That’s because not every mixer can remind you of unplugging when it’s done with the job. Thanks to its backlight on the speed control to help you out with that.

  • The motor delivers a huge power of 850-watt
  • Keeps the sound within 72dB
  • Can be used as a juice extractor and meat blender
  • Ensures safety by shutting off while overheating
  • Bowl capacity is decently high

  • Not the cheapest mixer in the market

Top 5 Commercial Pizza Dough Mixer Comparison Table






Number of Speeds


Aucma Stand Mixer



Stainless Steel

660 watts


Hamilton Beach 63391

Hamilton Beach

Black with Top Handle

Stainless Steel

300 watts


KitchenAid KP26M9XCCU


Contour Silver

Stainless Steel

590 watts


Dash Stand Mixer




250 watts


Nurxiovo 3-in-1 Stand Mixer



Stainless Steel

850 watts


Things to Consider Before Buying Commercial Pizza Dough Mixer

Commerci Pizza Dough Mixer

A mixer ain’t going to come from heaven and land on your countertop. It’s you who need to find it out and bring it in. But that’s not going to happen if you don’t even know what to look for. If you don’t want to go shopping with zero clues on the suitable mixer, then simply check out the points we mentioned below –

Motor Power

It’s not always mandatory that the mixer’s motor has to be too powerful. Yes, it does have its own perk, but that’s not the point here. You need to just make sure that the power it’s offering is sufficient for you or not.

Because excessively powerful mixers don’t come at a low price, and if you don’t need that, why would you spend your bucks on them? So, grab something that goes with your need.

Bowl Capacity

If you’re not planning to make the same dough twice, then pick a mixer that comes with the right-sized bowl. You know how much you need to execute your pizza plan. So, just focus on that and pick accordingly.

Variable Speed and Slow Start

Not every kind of dough will reach the right level with one single speed. So, check out the number of variable speeds the mixer is offering. Some even come with a guide on the speed as well. It’s better if you can pick one of those.

And don’t forget to check if the mixer comes with a slow start. It’s not a race where you can or should go to the top speed at once.

Splash Guard

The last thing you’d like to see probably is a messed-up countertop. So, to take the possibility out, make sure the mixer is ensuring a solid sealing while you start the mixing.

Some of the mixers are so efficiently designed that even without a splash guard, they’ll keep your countertop clean. So, you can choose them too if you don’t want an extra accessory to wash after making the dough.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which KitchenAid mixer is best for pizza dough?

For pizza dough, you need something that can handle even the toughest ingredients. If you want something from the KitchenAid to do that, then we think you better go for the KP26M9XCCU Bowl-Lift stand mixer.

  1. How long should you knead pizza dough in a mixer?

Usually, you better knead it for 10-12 minutes when you like to do things by hand. But when you’ve got a mixer to do the job, count it 8 – 10 minutes on the kneading. Kneading for that amount of time will be enough to get you perfect dough.

  1. What’s the difference between the Classic and Artisan KitchenAid?

If you’re asking for a mixer to make bread, then no doubt, the Artisan model will stay ahead on that race compared to the Classic one. The reasons are nothing but its bigger capacity and higher power. We’d suggest you to not use it too frequently for the bread dough. Don’t go for it more than twice a week.

  1. Is a bowl lift or tilt head mixer better?

Tilt-head indeed is the better mixer compared to the bowl lift one. The first reason is that it’s much easier to use attachments, whether attaching or removing them. And the other reason is, while being unutilized, the tilt heads eat up less of the space than the bowl lift.

  1. How can you tell if pizza dough is proofed?

If the pizza dough is perfectly proofed, it’ll take more of a yellow color rather than off-white. But you’ll understand if it got over-proofed if you see it has taken grey color. The size of the perfectly proofed dough will also be double of a frozen dough ball.

  1. Where should I let my pizza dough rise?

The place to do that is a refrigerator. Its consistent temperature is helpful for a slow astonishing rise.

  1. Can I leave pizza dough to rise overnight?

Yes, you can. Actually, letting the dough rise overnight can take the taste to the maximal level. That’s because the slow pace of yeast fermentation reaction has been proved to be helpful with improving the taste.

  1. How much dough can a commercial freestanding mixer make at once?

If you’re asking for the thick pizza dough, then a commercial freestanding mixer can make 70lbs. But if you want to mix the dough up for bread, it can easily reach 90lbs.

  1. How much dough can a 20 qt mixer make?

Count the quantity from 3 to 20lbs if you plan to go with pizza or bread dough. Doesn’t matter if you need a mixer for mid-sized operation or occasional use; it can handle both.

Final Words

Pizza is not only a food anymore; it’s a language of expressing taste and creativity. But in the wrong way, that will be nothing but blabbering. So, if you don’t want that to happen in your case, then you better lay your hands on the best pizza dough mixer to bake thethe most OK pizza.

We’ve got you the list you needed. Now, it’s on you to decide which one you want to be your sidekick for the next pizza mission. Happy Baking!

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