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Best Oil Sprayers For Cooking in 2023

An oil sprayer can be a great friend of yours in the kitchen. Its main concept of working involves it making a fine mist spray. There are varieties available when it comes down to pick the best oil sprayers for cooking. Different sprayers provide different qualities. So a detailed study is necessary to buy the best oil sprayer which suits your requirement perfectly. The oil sprayer gives an even coating to your delicious dishes. It also helps in cutting down the oil intake to maintain a balanced diet as a little amount of oil can go a long way.

The oil sprayer releases the oils in drizzling small drops that look very appealing while making a salad or baking or grilling and so on. A good quality cooking oil sprayer depends upon its material, durability, spraying method, storage capacity, unique eco-friendly features, etc. So you should select the best oil sprayer for yourself after reviewing all the pros and cons.

#List Of The Best Oil Sprayers For Cooking – Our Editor’s Pick:

5  Best Oil Sprayers For Cooking

Oil Sprayer

1. EVO  Non-Aerosol Ellipsoid Oil Bottle Sprayers

Evo Oil Sprayer Bottle, Non-Aerosol for Olive Cooking Oils, 8-ounce Capacity, Set of 2, Green and...

EVO is known best for helping in the kitchen, and so the EVO non-aerosol oil sprayer is no different. For an alternative to aerosol sprayers, it works well.

It is beautifully designed ergonomically by Michael Graves Design Group and what makes it even more unique is its nozzle is designed in such a way that it gives more control over the oil application and can be sprayed in a fan pattern, horizontally or vertically. Alongside plastic, it also comes in glass material.

Key Features:

  • This sprayer dispenses any type of cooking oil in a specialized fan pattern.
  • Its material is BPA, latex, and DEHP-free plastic which will not clog or shatter.
  • With per spray, it dispenses .25 teaspoons which cover more space for cooking with a little amount of oil.
  • It is reusable, refillable, and recyclable
  • It twists on the funnel so at the time of filling no mess occurs.
  • The smaller 8-ounce size adds to more convenience
  • It comes with a set of two bottles.

The best quality is it saves a lot of cooking oil. It is also very easy to work with as with per spray, the pan gets an even oil coating. It is more on the budget and works more efficiently than an aerosol sprayer. The bottles are very well made and can be used for keeping 2 different types of oils.

If continuously used, the lid might get loose. Also, the plastic sprayer might not last for a long time, in that case, the glass sprayer is preferable. If the pump is pressurized too much, then one might not get the desired amount of oil.

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2. Misto Brushed Aluminum Oil

Misto Brushed Aluminum Oil Sprayer, Silver

Its pumping method is similar to a non-aerosol sprayer but it is safer for the environment and health which makes it one of the best sellers. It won’t break down the oil into big large drops, rather the food-pan will be evenly coated with tiny droplets of oil.

Even though its design is very simple, the solid aluminum material and the pumping mechanism make it perfect for storing the oil out in the open.

Key Features:

  • It is like a non-aerosol sprayer and is free from chemical propellants
  • It is both reusable and refillable and also BPA-free.
  • It has a very simple pumping mechanism featuring only two steps
  • At first, the container needs to be pumped and then there will be a fine mist after pressuring the valve of the sprayer.
  • The sprayer will not work if the cap is threaded incorrectly.

The sprayer works at its best if its hold vertically, preferably at a 45-degree angle or less. To work properly, the bottle needs to be filled up halfway as an air gap is needed to create the pressure. It is very simple and easy to clean.

The sprayer might get clogged if not used properly. The oil level can also affect the performance of the sprayer.

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3. NGECORS Oil Sprayer for Cooking-12 oz/350 ml Bottle

HUIKE Oil Sprayer for Cooking-12 oz/350 ml Oil Spray Bottle,Oil Mister for Air Fryer,Canola Oil...

If you are looking for a more environmentally-friendly kitchen product. It will help to achieve a precise recipe as its nozzle sprays atomized amount of cooking oil.

Its mechanism is also based on the fan spray method that gives maximum coverage effect. This sprayer is popular for its durability and multipurpose usage.

Key Features:

  • It is very convenient to use, also refillable, and reusable.
  • The oil flow will be very much in control and accurate
  • Each time it will spray about .25 tablespoon of oil
  • It fulfills all the conditions of the management of food contact as it is free from BPA
  • It has a very large capacity of 350ml/12oz
  • It has three types of spraying effects.

The count of kitchen calories becomes very simple (about 10 calories per spray) as it ensures the accuracy of oil spraying. It also maintains the consistency of giving a fine mist and the collapsible funnel makes it easier to refill. It also suits the budget.

Even though it has 3 different spray types, at times it feels like they are all the same.

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4. NORBASE Oil Sprayer

NORBASE Oil Sprayer for Cooking, 2 Pack Upgraded Olive Oil Spray Bottle Mister Refillable with Scale...

Norbase Oil Sprayer is frequently used in different types of cooking or baking as it has a multipurpose function. Not only oil, one can fill the sprayer with all kinds of dressings.

The beautiful design and the long durability make it a prominent choice for kitchen gifts.

Key Features:

  • The bottle is transparent and is outlined with a precise measuring scale.
  • It does not clog or leak.
  • Its pumping procedure is very simple that gives a mist-like spray.
  • Food grade glass material and stainless steel have been used which is 100% BPA free.
  • It gives control over measurement and pouring, as well.
  • It comes with a bottle of 2, alongside a brush and funnels for cleaning.
  • The bottle is sized properly (with 3.42 oz capacity) and easier to carry around.

This sprayer is a real-time saver as it makes the seasoning element visible. It is made of non-stick material that makes it anti-slippery, which is a bonus. There is no tension of overdressing salads as the amount of oil is controllable.

Sometimes it does not give a fine even spray as it doesn’t need to be pressurized to work. The marking may start to fade away after repetitive cleansing.

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5. Evo Stainless Steel 16 Ounce Oil Sprayer

Evo Stainless Steel 16 Ounce Oil Sprayer

The larger capacity of holding 16-ounce oil and its solid stainless steel material makes. The oil sprayers from EVO are popular in the market because of their fan spray mechanism and it is no different.

It suits well for barbeque because of its heat-resistant formula.

Key Features:

  • The sprayer is made from plastic, while the bottle is from 18/8 stainless steel.
  • It is nature friendly as it’s free from harmful substances like BPA, Latex, and DEHP.
  • The bottle neither shatters nor melts.
  • It’s perfect if one tries to control the portion.
  • It’s economically friendly and reusable.

The most amazing part of using this sprayer is it’s very sturdy because of the steel material and so there is less scope of breaking. One can control the oil flow making it wide or fine.

The only drawback of this sprayer can be the spray nozzle can give trouble to stay. Also, it may seem a little heavy to carry.

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Top 5 Cooking Oil Sprayer Comparison Table


Build Material




 EVO  Non-Aerosol Ellipsoid Oil Bottle Sprayers


8 Oz


Misto Brushed Aluminum Oil


6.1 Oz


NGECORS Oil Sprayer for Cooking


12 Oz

Light Green

NORBASE Oil Sprayer

Stainless Steel, Glass

3.3 Oz


Evo Oil Sprayer

Stainless Steel

16 Ounce


Buying Guide for Oil Sprayers for Cooking

Oil Sprayer For Cooking

You should keep some guidelines in your mind when there is a need to buy oil sprayers for cooking so that you don’t regret them later.


When it comes down to choose the material for the oil sprayer, you should always keep durability in mind. And in that case, the glass material will be a no-friend to you as it may shatter anytime. A stainless steel container is perfect even though it’s on the more expensive side but it lasts. The plastic ones are cheap and come in handy but they are probably not the best choice for nature.

Oil Spraying Mechanism

The procedure of spraying differs among sprayers. The best ones are those that release a fine mist without creating a mess while making a dish. Pull trigger sprayers can be a good option if you are interested in calculating your calories.

Storage Capacity

It always helps to store different types of oils if you select the ones that come with a pack of two. Smaller-sized bottles are preferable as they are practical and convenient.


The convenient design will depend on for which purpose you are using the sprayers. If you are a professional, you may opt for an ergonomic design and if you are a home cook, a simple design with the perfect size and diameter should work best.

Washing Instructions

You need to be very up to date regarding the cleaning of the sprayer because if not done right, the nozzle may get clogged. So the procedure of washing needs to be straightforward. Simple handwashing with warm soapy water makes the task effortless.

Brand & Budget

Reading the reviews and comparing the prices before buying the sprayer is appreciated.

Oil Mister VS Cooking Spray

Oil Mister VS Cooking Spray

In some houses, there is an age-old tradition of using cooking sprays in the kitchen. The oil mister seems like a relatively new concept in healthy cooking. You can make your DIY oil mister at home. For better and more durable lasting you can buy oil misters from stores. But what is more appropriate to use between the two, remains a question.

Cooking spray is a store-bought canned oil that is no friend to nature. If someone is allergic to soy at your home then you may want to avoid the cooking spray because it contains soy lecithin. Cooking sprays have propellent which is connected with alcohol, carbon dioxide, and so on harmful objects. It does not work well in terms of coating the non-stick pans. On the other hand, the oil mister gives a fine and even coating ensuring the accuracy of the recipe. Also, the cooking spray can gradually make oil build up in your pan. Because of the refillable and reusable quality of the oil mister, you don’t have to throw out your used metal cans time and time again and that’s a great deal for the environment.

Benefits of Oil Sprayers

Eco friendly

The objects that are used for making the sprayers are dangerous chemicals-free. They can be used again and again which is beneficial to nature.


If you are into a balanced diet, those cooking sprays won’t help as they contain health-damaging agents. In this condition, oil sprayers come to the rescue.

Portion Control

The sprayer covers a lot of the surface of the pan with a little amount of oil and so you easily calculate your fat and calorie intake.

Handy to use

The mechanism of the sprayer includes only pumping and spraying. Even the washing procedure of it is very convenient.

Recipe Accuracy

With the amount of oil being fixed per spray, it is easier for you to achieve a perfectly delicious recipe.

Cleaner Kitchen

The kitchen remains neat and clean as there is no scope for spilling the oil everywhere.


Is there an oil spray that actually works? 

Yes of course there is. And if you are facing some problems in operating an oil sprayer, the Amazon bestseller Misto Brushed Aluminum Oil Sprayer will suit you the best. It is so on demand because of its sturdy structure and all you need to do is just fill the container, pump, and then spray. You can also try chilling the oil a bit to increase the thickness so that it can release a fine mist-like spray.

Can you put cooking oil in a sprayer?

Any type of cooking oil can be put in an oil sprayer. But you may want to avoid the oils that can easily be jammed with time, for instance, coconut oil. It is a great idea to clean the bottle inside-out if you want to keep different types of oil. It is always better to put your money on buying the metal ones because you can keep them out in the open. But the plastic ones may develop odor over time and requires to be stored properly.

Is cooking spray or oil better?

Cooking spray is definitely better than oil. Because when you will pour oil into your dish, it may happen that you cannot keep the track of the required amount. For instance, you do not want your salads to float in excess oil. In these circumstances, cooking spray plays its role and because of its spray coating formula, you need comparatively less oil for cooking which is beneficial to health.

Is there an olive oil sprayer that works?

Yes, there is and you may have to mix water with your olive oil so that the sprayer can be easily pressurized. There are three types of spraying effects that work amazingly giving you proper control over the oil application. Also, the fan spray model olive oil sprayers work best in a moment of a hurry. Such as EVO non-aerosol oil sprayers.

How do you clean your oil sprayer and how often should you clean it?

For more efficient performance, it is suggested that you clean your oil sprayer at least once every month.  And the cleaning procedure is very simple: At first, you need to fill up the container with warm soapy water, one drop of fluid detergent should be fine, let it rest for a little bit, and wash it off with warm water. Or you can simply toss it in the dishwasher but this is not applicable for all the sprayers.

Can you use vegetable oil in an olive oil sprayer?

Yes, you can, but before putting vegetable oil in an olive oil sprayer you need to wash the bottle thoroughly so that the two types of oil do not mix in the container. There are also some sprayer bottles out there that can be used for multipurpose functions. These bottles can be filled with different types of seasoning including vegetable oil. For Example, the NORBASE olive oil sprayer is one of the bests in the market.

Final Words of review oil sprayers

This article has tried to provide you all the pieces of information and reviews regarding the best oil sprayers for cooking. We have thoroughly talked about what pointers to keep in mind for your desired oil sprayers suiting your occasion. Some unique features of some best oil sprayers for cooking have also been discussed here. It is suggested to remember that the oil sprayers need to be both eco and economically friendly. Therefore, we are hopeful that this article will help you to go for the right product with our detailed analysis.

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