Best K Cup Hot Chocolate Reviews in 2023

Making yourself a cup of hot chocolate all by yourself can be quite a hassle. Gathering all the ingredients and following a recipe can take a while. By the time you are finished, you no longer have the excitement that you had when you started.

With a K Cup, you do not have to go through the tedious process every time you want a cup of hot chocolate. If you have a Keurig brewer at home, our best K Cup hot chocolate will allow you to instantly whip up a cup so that you can treat yourself.

And the best part? You can try out different flavors without any hassle. Thanks to the large variety of units available in the market, you can indulge yourself in a world of flavors. It is also quite affordable, so you will not be wasting anything.

In this article, we will give you a quick rundown of some of the excellent K Cups available on the market so that you can enjoy a rich and savory cup of hot chocolate whenever you want.

Editor’s Recommendation: Top 5 K Cup Hot Chocolate

How we know?

A bar of hot chocolate is not just a product but sometimes is an idea that you find your comfort in. A product of your comfort must be ideal in terms of quality and taste.

However, since there are many choices in the market, it is rather hard to find the perfect product that suits you the best. We decided to do the hard work for you to lead you to your desired product on the easiest path.

Instead of providing average reviews, we tried to give you an insightful perspective of a first-hand testing experience.

Our research and development team formed a group of experts and noted their opinions while collecting information and feedback from the consumers themselves.

We took the 5 best k cup hot chocolates and put them up to the test and collected information on first-hand experience from the consumers themselves.

During the sample testing, we also kept a few things in mind, such as the age of the respondents, their taste preferences, and most importantly, their love of hot chocolate.

We also focused on the taste of the chocolate and the blend of the mild and chocolate.

How we tested our Best K Cups for Hot Chocolate?

While testing we paid attention to a few important aspects:

  • The amount of calories present
  • The amount of sugar present
  • The variety of flavors

tested K Cups for Hot Chocolate

We also looked at the facts that:

  • How easy they were to prepare
  • How intact the flavors were
  • How rich the chocolates were

We tried to compare the freshly prepared hot chocolate at home and the hot chocolate prepared from the k cups. It is somewhat a hassle to prepare a good hot chocolate at home after a day of exhausting events.

Most people agreed that a k cup provides a more convenient solution to exhaustion as they are easier to prepare and provide good taste and results.

Moreover, these 5 k cup hot chocolates are well balanced in calories and sugar. They also provide the option to choose the richness of the chocolate. There are a handful of flavors to choose from.

5 Best K Cup Hot Chocolate Reviews

K cup chocolet

Now that you know some of the things that you might want to consider when choosing your K Cup Hot Chocolates, you must be itching to go out and buy some for yourself.

However, before you go, why not take a look at our top picks for the best K Cup hot chocolate that you can find on the market for a rich and delightful experience.

1. Dunkin’ Donuts Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa

Dunkin Donuts, the famous American beverage and donut franchises, brings all their delicious goodness in the world of Hot Cocoa. This brand does not require any introduction, and if you had this K Cup once, you would never doubt it again.

The best thing about this box is its rich flavor and low-calorie count of only 70 per cup. Its milky flavor adds a great taste to your cup of hot chocolate, further stimulating your taste buds. And if you want, you can add a bit more milk for a thicker and creamier texture.

If you prefer a darker taste with your chocolate, it might not be for you. The sugar content in this K Cup is a bit much for some people. But if the milky taste sits right with you, you will never go with another hot milk chocolate product. It comes in a pack of 24, giving you enough hot chocolate to get through a couple of weeks.

  • The rich aroma and signature taste
  • Works with both Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 machines
  • Comes at a pack of 24
  • Famous Brand

  • High on sugar content

2. Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa

While we are on the subject of milk chocolate, you would be amiss if you never tried the hot cocoa by the brand Swiss Miss. The brand brings you this flavor-rich hot cocoa extracting the milk from a real dairy farm and blending it with high-grade dried cocoa. No wonder it tastes so good!

Because of the thoughtful manufacturing process, all the original rich flavors of the cocoa remain preserved. Once you fire up your Keurig machine and pour yourself a cup of milk chocolate, the taste and aroma of the cocoa will fill all your senses, giving you a sense of divinity.

Although this K Cup uses smaller amounts of sugar, the only gripe we had is the use of artificial sweeteners. Even though it does take away from some of the taste, there is still enough for you to enjoy it thoroughly with each sip. On the plus side, the calorie count with this hot chocolate is relatively low, with 70 in each cup.

  • Low-calorie count
  • Compatible with all Keurig brewers
  • Rich and flavorful taste
  • Milk collected from real dairy farm

  • Uses artificial sweeteners

3. Cafe Escapes, Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa

The following product on our list is for those who enjoy a darker and punchier taste from their hot chocolate. Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa by Café Escapes lets you indulge yourself in the dark deliciousness that you can get out of a cup of hot chocolate with this K Cup.

This K Cup brings an irresistible taste for fans of dark chocolate. Its dark and decadent flavor and the rich aroma that you get from each cup are enough to convince you of its quality. For people who never want to compromise with the taste of their chocolate, this is the right choice.

One major thing to note about this unit is its limited use of gluten content. With a calorie count of 60, it is perfect for health-conscious people. Although it is rated as dark chocolate, it has just the right sweetness for people who are not used to the punchy taste.

  • Trans fat and gluten-free
  • Low-calorie count of only 60
  • Dark flavor with the right amount of sweetness
  • Great quality

  • It might not be for everyone

4. Best of The Best Hot Chocolate Pods Variety Sampler Pack

Next, we will be looking at a brand called the TWO RIVERS COFFEE. Variety packs are always a good idea if you want to try out different flavors. This large sampler pack by the brand offers you an affordable way to taste some of their best varieties of hot chocolate in a neat little package.

In terms of flavors, you get a total of eight different ones to try. We loved how the Brookly Bean Peanut Butter and Milk Chocolate felt with each sip. For you, it might be something else like the Charleston Chew or Tootsie rolls. Almost each of the flavors is unique and delicious in its way.

However, this might go the wrong way for some. If you do not like a flavor, you still got four more packs left at your hand since you get five units of each flavor. For people who want to experiment with their hot chocolate, this is an excellent purchase. But if you wish to a single taste that you love, it might not be for you.

  • A variety of flavors
  • Affordable price
  • Comes with five units of each flavor
  • Perfect for gifting coffee lovers

  • You might not enjoy all the flavors

5. Grove Square Hot Cocoa Dark Chocolate

Wrapping up our list of reviews, we will be looking at the brand Grove Square with its exquisite K Cup of dark chocolaty flavor. If you are a fan of the taste, you will find this hot chocolate’s thick and punchy taste irresistible. On the plus side, it also works with Keurig 1.0 brewers.

The best part about this K Cup is the strong taste of the chocolate and its tempting smell. It is the perfect drink to pick you up after a stressful day. The rich and decadent nature of the chocolate is ideal for indulging yourself on a rainy day with a book on your lap.

Of course, dark chocolate is not for everyone. But if you like the punchier taste, you will love this option. As an added treat, it is low on calories. However, artificial sweeteners do dilute the taste and richness to some level.

  • Low-calorie count
  • Compatible with all Keurig brewers
  • Dark, rich flavor with a strong aroma
  • Kosher certified

  • Uses artificial sweeteners

Top 5 Best K Cup Hot Chocolate Comparison Table




Package Information

Item Form


Dunkin’ Donuts Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa

Milk chocolate

Mountain Green



Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa

Milk Chocolate

Swiss Miss



Cafe Escapes, Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa

"Milk Chocolate

Café Escapes


Single-Serve Pods

Best of The Best Hot Chocolate Pods Variety Sampler Pack

Hot Chocolate

Two Rivers Coffee



Grove Square Hot Cocoa Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Grove Square



Four Critical Things to Consider before Buying the Best K Cup Hot Chocolate

K cup chocolete

Picking out a K Cup hot chocolate is not that hard if you tried it before. There are only a few things you need to check, and usually, all of it is listed in the back of the product in its spec chart. If you are someone who wants a rich and delicious cup of hot chocolate every time you make it, it never hurts to do your research.

People tend to develop a particular affinity for a brand once they have had it a couple of times. However, if you are just starting to get into the world of hot chocolate and want to explore your options, there are a few things you might want to consider when looking for the best K Cup hot chocolate.

  1. Amount of Calories

If you love hot chocolate, you should also be mindful of your calories. Some packs may have lesser calories than others and hence will produce less fat. Besides, controlling your calorie intake is essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Ideally, you want to go with packs that have only 60-70 calories in them. From 60-70 calories, you will produce only 6-7 grams of fat that you can lose just by going through the day.

  1. Chocolate Richness

The richness of the chocolate is another thing that you need to take into account. You need to address the nutrition chart of the product you are buying and take a look at the richness quotient.

If you love the rich, full-bodied flavor of your chocolate, you need to consider the richness of your K Cup. However, it should not be too much of a problem for people who stick with reputed brands.

  1. Different Flavors

Chocolate lovers usually love to try out different flavors. And considering the wide range of options available, you will be doing your taste buds a disservice if you do not try out a few of them. Chocolate milk and dark chocolate are two familiar flavors that are quite tasty.

You can find value packs of K Cup hot chocolate that come with different flavors in a single package. If you want to try out different flavors at an affordable price, value packs might be a good option for you.

  1. Artificial Sweeteners

Are you looking to control how much sugar goes into your body? Then obviously, you want a sugar-free K Cup. However, some sugar-free products come with synthetic sweeteners that are just as bad, if not even worse.

There is nothing wrong with sugar-free K Cups if that is your thing. But it is better to have a sugared hot chocolate than one with artificial sugar.

Some Tips for Making Hot Chocolate

Making Hot Chocolate

Before we leave you, we would like to part with a few bits of information. It might come in handy if you want to experiment with your drinks further.

As you might know already, using a Keurig machine to make hot chocolate is relatively easy. You have to put the K Cup in the designated compartment, make sure there is enough water in the reservoir, lower the bail, and activate the machine. Within no time, you will have your cup of hot chocolate ready to drink.

However, you are out of luck if you want to use milk instead of water. Milk is notoriously fragile, and if stored in the Keurig reservoir at room temperature, it will get rotten.

But how can you do something fun with your hot chocolate then?

  • Well, for one thing, you can add some whipping cream once it is in your cup. Additionally, adding some ice cream might give you a good experience. Although you will lose some of the temperature in the cup, some people prefer to have their hot chocolate with a scoop of ice cream on top.
  • In addition, you could try adding milk later in the cup. But not many people prefer the taste as it dilutes the richness. It also adds more calories, which is not a great idea if you want to take care of your health.
  • A better solution would be to place a bar of chocolate inside the steaming cup. That way, the heat from the coffee cup will peel away at the chocolate bar, adding some of its taste with your every sip.

However, if you are using a dark chocolate bar, you can try adding a bit of sugar to counteract the strong taste, unless you like it.

  • And while we are on the subject of adding things, you should never forget about marshmallows. It is, in fact, one of the most popular add-ons that you can use with your cup of hot chocolate. The steam and heat from your cup will start dissolving it instantly, giving you a fantastic taste with your sip.
  • Some people even add maple syrup and caramel with their hot coffee to take things further. Although you might not enjoy it, you can give it a shot in your spare time to see how it tastes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are there any sugar-free K Cups?

Yes, there are plenty of sugar-free K Cups that you can find on the market. However, some of them come with artificial sweeteners that may cause more harm than good.

  1. Do K Cups have an expiration date?

Yes. Like all food products, K Cups come with an expiry date. Make sure to look at the label on the product before buying to ensure the K Cup is not expired before you buy it.

  1. Why do I want rich cocoa in my K cup?

Cocoa is one of the most essential ingredients in your K Cup. Without rich cocoa, the hot chocolate that you make with it will taste watery. Although you might be able to get by with adding a bit of milk, it will not taste as good.

  1. Can I make hot chocolate without K Cup?

Of course, you can. However, making hot chocolate yourself requires gathering a few key ingredients. With a Keurig machine and K Cup, the entire process is automated. With just one button push, you will have your cup of steaming hot chocolate ready to drink in your hands.

If you have a Keurig machine at home, you can even make yourself hot chocolate without a K Cup. The process is pretty similar and also relatively easier than what you would have to do if you were making it manually.

  1. Is hot chocolate bad for my health?

If taken in excess, can be bad for your health. If you are concerned about your health, you should first control the amount you drink every day. Usually, one cup each day should have no impact on your health.

Additionally, hot chocolate K Cups, especially the good ones, have controlled calories. Some units are even gluten-free. They can be a good option if you want to limit your sugar intake each day.

Final Thoughts

For chocolate lovers, a Keurig machine is an excellent investment. With K Cups, you can enjoy a delicious sip of hot chocolate anytime you want without having to hit the kitchen and making a mess. And with our added tips on making your hot chocolate, you also have a few tricks to experiment with at home.

We hope our article on the best K Cup hot chocolate was helpful. You should now have enough information to go out and find the perfect unit for yourself.

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