Best Immersion Blender for Soap Making Review in 2022

You just returned after work, and smelling like fish! That’s no surprise you know. So, go, take a shower.

Now, before you take that traditional soap to rub your skin, you should know that it often contains additives and chemicals. Well, that’s the reason you see your skin flaking and getting rough!

That’s why it’s time you give a try in soap making by yourself. Well, why don’t you try making your own soap? Yeah, it’s possible. Just get your hands on the best immersion blender for soap making, pick a recipe, and get going.

But which blender can do your work effortlessly? Don’t stress out. Carry on with us and we’ll help you to get your preferred one.

What to Look for Before Buying?

Immersion Blender


You first need to know the most important factors to look for before buying. Because you have to buy an immersion blender according to your need, otherwise, you may end up with the best purchase, but it won’t be able to satisfy your desires.

Motor Power

While buying an immersion blender, make sure that it’s equipped with a powerful motor that can blend any items easily. Most of the blender has a motor ranging from 300W up to 800W motor.

Another thing to look at is what material is used to make a motor. Because the motor is built with durable material, then you’ll be able to use it for a prolonged time.

Speed Control

Another important factor that you need to look at is speed control. The reason behind this is that sometimes you’ll need to blend the ingredients fast and sometimes slow. So, if your blender doesn’t offer dual speed, then you won’t be able to get your desired output.

Some blenders offer one speed while there are others that offer 9 even 12-speed settings. Therefore, check whether your blender offers multiple speed settings.

Ergonomic Design

Sometimes you may need to work for prolonged hours. Now holding a blender for a long time will obviously cause strain on your hands. That’s why you need to look for a blender that has an ergonomic design so that you can hold it easily during the blending process at ease.

Cleaning Convenience

Look, you’re going to make soap using a blender. So obviously it’s going to be filled up with a mess. That is the reason you should get a hand blender that is dishwasher safe so that you can do the cleaning easily.

Also, make sure that the included attachments are dishwasher-friendly as you’re going to use them for making food items.

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5 Best Immersion Blender for Soap Making

Immersion Blender for Soap

Many renowned models were picked. Each model was tested to make soap in our lab. Thus, only 5 qualified to do the job perfectly, and we’re going to describe them in detail below.

1. Mueller Austria Immersion Ultra-Stick

Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 500 Watt 9-Speed...
35,397 Reviews
Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 500 Watt 9-Speed...
  • Sophisticated Design - The ergonomic grip offers a...
  • Exceptional Quality - The full copper motor...
  • Versatility - The removable blending arm with...

What if you could get a blender that allows you to make soap as well as whip cream, re-blend butter, and even beat eggs? Yes, all of them are possible if you get your hands on the Ultra-Stick immersion hand blender from Mueller Austria.

With this, you aren’t going to miss a full-sized blender, as it allows you to do much more than making soap. You can create smoothies, whip cream, and can beat a big whisk of eggs; not only that, but you can also make salsa for fajita night. Very versatile, isn’t it?

As it stands, the Ultra-Stick from Mueller Austria is a top-notch immersion hand blender. It comes with a 500W copper motor and 9-speed, extending its lifespan 3 times longer than other typical ones.

Have you got lots of items to blend? No worries; it incorporates S-shaped stainless-steel blades that can blend any of your items like magic.

Plus, the most amazing thing that will make you fall in love with this blender is its sophisticated design. No matter how long you use it, its ergonomic grip will provide you a comfortable non-slip grip. You, therefore, can do your work for a prolonged time at ease.

Besides, after blending so many items, it’ll surely get pretty dirty. Guess what! You can place it in the dishwasher for cleaning it up effortlessly. You can also remove its blending arm while cleaning, which is pretty convenient.

Moreover, you’re going to get a manual, milk frother, and whisk attachments

along with this hand blender.

  • Versatile for making different items
  • Ensure longevity by the copper motor
  • Blends effortlessly by the Stainless-steel blade
  • Ergonomic grip to provide a comfortable grip
  • Easy to clean due to dishwasher safe

  • The cord is placed inconveniently

2. Braun MQ5052-in-1 Immersion Hand Blender

Braun MultiQuick 5 Immersion Hand Blender Patented...
4,637 Reviews
Braun MultiQuick 5 Immersion Hand Blender Patented...
  • Power bell technology: Durable stainless steel...
  • Easy click ensures all attachments can be removed...
  • Turbo boost for added power

Often you get yourself pressed for time under a busy schedule where you can’t afford to spend hours cooking. Well, take the MQ505 immersion hand blender from Braun to cook faster in a simpler and smoother way.

It’s an efficient kitchen appliance that’ll cut everyone’s sight with its marvelous design. Weighing 1.50 pounds, it’s a stylish hand blender that comes with a sleek black finish. As a result, it’ll look good in your kitchen and won’t be trouble when moving.

What do you want to do? Blend or whisk? Regardless of your task, its powerful 350W German-engineered motor is strong enough to do any job within a snap.

Another important aspect of MQ505 from Braun is its PowreBell technology. Basically, it’s a blending shaft that is bell-shaped consists of stainless-steel blades. With this blender, you can do all the heavy-duty blending at ease thanks to these durable and sharp blades.

Plus, it boasts dual speed — standard and turbocharge. By selecting the turbo charge, you’ll get extra power to blend in the fastest and easiest way. Therefore, you’ll be able to cook and make the soap more quickly.

Additionally, the handle of this blender has a soft rubberized grip that is strong yet soft. Thus, you can hold it firmly in your grip and blend whatever you need.

Another important thing to mention about the MultiQuick MQ505 is that your food won’t spatter while blending. That’s why cleaning it up will be pretty effortless after use.

Further, its one-click mechanism makes it easier to attach and remove the included whish attachments. It also includes a 20 oz. beaker in which you can blend almost all the ingredients for making soap.

  • Perfect for the kitchen due to being stylish and lightweight
  • German-engineered motor for long-lasting performance
  • Allows heavy-duty blending by the PowerBell technology
  • Dual-speed to blend versatile items
  • Ergonomic grip for offering a comfortable grip

  • Pretty flimsy whisk

3. KOIOS Multifunctional Immersion Blender

KOIOS 800W 4-in-1 Multifunctional Immersion Hand...
10,975 Reviews
KOIOS 800W 4-in-1 Multifunctional Immersion Hand...
  • Mighty Stick – High-torque power hand blender...
  • Ergonomic Design – Features 12-speed blending...
  • Accessories You Need – 600ml mixing beaker,...

How about you get something that can make soap as well as help you making baby food? Well, try out the 4-in-1 multifunctional immersion blender from KOIOS.

Now this blender is equipped with an intensely powerful 800W motor so that you can get utmost torque. As a result, you can blend all the ingredients needed for making soap very efficiently.

Aside from that, it includes a 600ml beaker which is spacious enough to hold the ingredients you want to blend. Not only that, but it also features a 500ml food chopping bowl so that you can make any type of food effortlessly.

Plus, this immersion hand blender from KOIOS boasts 12-speed along with a pulse function for cyclic bursts. Besides, you can use its turbo mode if you want to get your things done quickly.

Unlike others, this blender doesn’t spatter items while blending, thanks to its 304 stainless-steel blades as well as the wavy edge flower-like design.

Moreover, with this blender, you’ll get 5 other components and a whisk attachment making it fully multifunctional. So, start making your baby food without a hitch.

However, just because it can do so much work doesn’t mean that it wants a great deal of space on your counter. Rather it’s been designed in a compact size so that you can keep it in little space.

Above all, all the accessories are detachable for cleaning convenience. You can rinse them under warm water but be aware that you don’t plunge the motor in water.

  • Gives intense torque by the powerful motor
  • Offers 12-speed to blend a wide range of items
  • Doesn’t spatter foods due to the flower-like blade design
  • Multifunctional for allowing to create different foods
  • Takes little space owing to the compact size

  • Lacks off button

4. Chefman Immersion Blender

Chefman Immersion Blender 300-Watt Turbo 12 Speed...
1,463 Reviews
Chefman Immersion Blender 300-Watt Turbo 12 Speed...

Whether you’re planning to cook or make soap at home, you need a blender that can mix items profoundly. With that being said, we bring you the immersion blender from Chefman.

Its equipped with a highly powered 300W motor in order to deal with extensive blending tasks at ease. Aside from that, you can rest assured that it’s going to last for a long time, as it’s CETL approved with the advanced safe technology

In addition to providing power, it offers 12-speed options — as a result, you’ll be able to set the speed according to your blending items precisely. As such, it has a turbo button that can boost up the blending process.

Besides, you don’t want your favorite bowl to get scratched, do you? Well, with this blender, you’re getting a plastic blade guard that is heat resistant and goes gentle on the pot. So, concentrate on only blending and stop worrying about scratching!

Apart from making soap, this immersion blender integrates cross blades to help you in making delicious pureed dishes such as soups, smoothies, sauces, etc. Just keep in mind to immerse frozen fruits in water to get your craved results.

Above all that, when it’s cleaning time, all you need to is to twist the blade to detach. And place in the dishwasher for cleanup. Besides, you can clean the exterior painlessly with a simple wipe.

  • Performs a great deal of blending by the 300W motor
  • Gives 12-speed options to adjust the speed easily
  • Prevents scratch by the plastic blade guard
  • Cross blades for crushing ice
  • Easy to detach and clean the blade

  • Need to hold the power button

5. AmazonBasics Immersion Hand Blender

Amazon Basics 500 Watt Multi-Speed Immersion Hand...
6,159 Reviews
Amazon Basics 500 Watt Multi-Speed Immersion Hand...
  • Hand-held immersion blender for mixing soups,...
  • Offers better control when blending hot or cold...
  • Elongated, detachable blending stick allows for...

Are you sick of using a clunky hand mixer? Then consider the hand-held immersion blender from AmazonBasics.

It boasts a high-grade 500W motor along with multiple speed settings. You, therefore, can easily mix lye and fragrance oil for making soap. You can also mix small batches of sauces, soups, beverages, and more

Plus, whether you’re using deep pots or tall containers, this stretched blending stick can reach anywhere at ease. Thus, you’ll get better control while blending with less splattering or spillage.

Not only that, it has a stick-like design, but it’s also slim and integrates an ergonomic silicone handle. As a consequence, it won’t slip from your hand, and you’ll be able to use it with your eyes shut.

Plus, this immersion blender from AmazonBasics incorporates stainless steel mechanism to make it durable. Besides, it has lock and un-lock buttons so that you can operate it with one hand tied behind your back.

Now, if you’re worried about storing it, then you can wave away the worry. Because you can keep it in a drawer even in a cabinet as it’s going to take less space.

Believe it or not, it’s more than a blender. Yes, with the included whisk, chopper, and beaker attachment, you’ll be able to do a lot of tasks. You can beat eggs, whip cream, chop onions, carrots, celery, and more.

  • Helps to blend items by the 500W motor
  • Can reach into any pot due to elongated stick
  • Provides proper grip by the silicon handle
  • Lock and un-lock button for ease of use
  • Ensures durability by the stainless-steel mechanism

  • A bit heavier

Top 5 Immersion Blender Comparison for Soap Making








Mueller Austria Immersion Ultra-Stick



Mueller Austria

110 Volts

500 watts

Braun MQ5052-in-1 Immersion Hand Blender


Stainless Steel


120 Volts

300.00 watts

OIOS Multifunctional Immersion Blender


Stainless steel blade; rubber handle


120 Volts

800 watts

Chefman Immersion Blender




120 Volts


AmazonBasics Immersion Hand Blender


Stainless Steel, Silicone

Amazon Basics

150 Volts

500 watts

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you use an immersion blender to make a smoothie?

Yes, indeed, you can. The blades of the immersion blender are powerful enough to pulverize frozen fruits. As a result, you can just blend the smoothie in the beaker and drink in one draft.

  1. What is the best immersion blender for soap making?

There are quite a few that you many consider as the best. However, the Mueller Austria Immersion Ultra-Stick Hand Blender is the best thing for soap making. It’s got a powerful motor, stainless steel blade, multiple speed options, and more.

  1. What is a stick blender for soap making?

Well, a stick blender for soap making is basically a kitchen blade grinder that is used to blend ingredients. And most importantly, it has a stick at the end of it with the blender blades.

  1. What equipment do you need to make soap?

The equipment you need to make soap is a scale, thermometer, immersion blender, pots for measuring and mixing lye, containers for mingling the soap batter, silicone spoons, gloves, goggles, and soap molds. There might be some other tools that are optional.

  1. How do you make soap bars for beginners?

There are two ways to make soap bars — a hot process and a cold process. Below you’re going to learn to make soap bars by using the cold process.

  • Pick a recipe and run it over the lye calculator
  • Assemble the ingredients and get the safety gears
  • Develop the mold
  • Measure the weight of the water
  • Measure the lye
  • Dispense the lye in the water
  • Measure and heat the fats, butter, and oils
  • Watch the temperature and flux
  • Mix until trace
  • Discharge the soap batter in the mold
  • Wrap and insulate the mold
  • Unmold and slice through into bars
  1. What do you need to make natural soap?

If you want to make natural soap by using a hot process, you’ll need distilled water, lye, shea butter, refined coconut oil, sunflower oil, and olive oil.

  1. Is soap making expensive?

Actually, the cost of making nifty soap is quite equal to buying cheap soap from the store. However, you can make basic soap at a cheaper rate than buying one.

  1. What is the Advantage of An Immersion Stick Blender?

The advantages of an immersion stick blender are many. Its compact in size, does the work pretty fast, portable, easy to use, and clean up. And you can use it other than just making soup.

Final Verdict

A bar of homemade soap can benefit you in several ways than traditional soap bars. An immersion blender can help you create a bar of soap in the most versatile way.

That being said, you have gained sufficient knowledge of the best immersion blender for soap making. We believe that if you opt for any of our products, you’ll be able to make your desired soap like a walk in the park.

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