Best Grohe Kitchen Faucet Reviews – 2021

Let’s play a game! Name three things that can give a beautiful sink an ugly edge. Okay! Let us start first. One, a hideous interior; two, lack of perfect lighting; and three, an ugly faucet. It’s your turn now.

Hold on a second! If you agree with our three, then you don’t need to do the brainstorming. Now, the question is, how to fix these things up? We guess you already know the first two. But for the last one, we think the best Grohe kitchen faucet will be the perfect solution.

But the problem is, how will you figure out which one to choose? Well, that is where we’re heading to.

#List Of The Best Grohe Kitchen Faucet – Our Editor’s Pick:

5 Best Grohe Kitchen Faucet Reviews

It’s not that a random faucet will save you too much money. So, is there any reason for not picking the finest for some extra bucks? We bet that’s what you’re looking for too. So, here’s the top 5 Grohe faucet that will simply rock your kitchen in the first place. Here comes the first one –

1. Grohe 32665001 Kitchen Faucet

Grohe 32665001 Concetto Single-Handle Pull-Down...

‘Perfection never comes from within, it has to be made’ – it seems team Grohe has taken that quite seriously. We ain’t saying that for no reason. It’s their 32665001 Concetto Kitchen Faucet that has made us say that.

What is the first thing that catches your eyes in a faucet? Looks, right? Well, let’s start with its sleek gooseneck design then. And do you know what you’re going to love the most about it? The GROHE StarLight finish. After all, that’s what is going to save it from all those scratches and tarnish to make it look beautiful forever.

By the way, in case you’re puzzled after seeing its design and thinking if it has the pull-down spray head or not, then relax; you’ve got one right there. And the swiveling? You can easily rotate it up to 360° and turn the 1.75 GPM flow rate to any direction you want. Plus, the lever handle makes the operation smooth as pie.

Thanks to its locking spray control as it puts the transition between the flow and spray mode just a button away. All you need to do is just give it a push. And if you’re worried about your old enemy – the limescale buildup, then the Grohe SpeedClean technology is here to back you up.

  • Comes with the sleek gooseneck design
  • Resistant to scratches and tarnish
  • Ensures protection against limescale buildup
  • The lever handle is impressively smooth
  • Capable of 360° swiveling

  • No deck plate for sinkhole

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2. Grohe 31378DC3 Kitchen Faucet

Grohe 31378DC3 Minta Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet,...

Simplicity, elegance, and efficiency – what will be the result if you put all these three in one faucet? We don’t know about you but the closest match currently we’ve got to that is the 31378DC3 Pull-out Kitchen Faucet from Grohe.

The perfect C-shaped spout design with a 360° swivel radius of this amazing faucet can add a ton of appeal to almost any sink. Plus, the single-hole installation ain’t going to cause you much hassle as you can do that all by yourself. And the smooth operation? Let the Grohe SilkMove handle that part.

Like always, team Grohe has made their best effort to keep it resistant to scratch and tarnish. Guess what they’ve done to pull that off? Yup, they’ve given it the Grohe StarLight finish to keep it shining and new for its lifetime.

And you won’t have to take a headache about the flow rate as the flow-rate limiter is there for you with total adjustability. On top of that, when you’re in need to change the flow pattern, you’re free to use the push-button lock to jump from regular flow to spray.

  • Comes with a beautiful C-shaped spout design
  • The installation process is highly convenient
  • Tarnish and scratch-resistant
  • Easy to adjust the water flow
  • 360° Swivel radius

  • Pressure level could’ve been better

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3. Grohe 33330001

Grohe Eurodisc Single-Handle Pull-Out Kitchen...

If you think that team Grohe is obsessed with the C-shaped design, then we bet this one will change your mind. Yup! We’re talking about the 33330001 Eurodisc Kitchen Faucet.

But the cool design ain’t the only thing that makes it an awesome faucet. If we start saying, we might run out of words, but it’s still worth the shot. The first thing that’ll draw your attention in the first place is the Grohe SilkMove. This means once you put it on your deck, all you’ll get from it is the smooth operation.

And scratch and tarnish? You already know about the Grohe StarLight finish. So, you better count all the scratches and tarnish out of the picture once and for all. It might not look like much of a swiveling one, it still can push the radius up to 180°.

But that’s not the only best part of this chrome-shine faucet. With the SpeedClean anti-lime system, you can get rid of limescale in seconds. All you need to do is just wipe it all with your finger.

One more thing! In case a question mark popped up in your head beside the dual spray option, then this bad boy got that covered too. And that’s, of course, with the ease of toggling between spray and regular water flow. Now, you can put its 1.75 GPM flow rate in your preferred mode any time you want without turning it off.

  • Keeps scratch and tarnish away
  • Offers a swivel radius of 180°
  • Easy to clean limescale
  • Possible to toggle modes without turning off
  • Maintains smooth operation

  • Not very easy to install

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4. Grohe 32665DC1

Grohe 32665DC1 Concetto Single-Handle Pull-Down...

Who doesn’t love it simple? We bet you do too. But won’t you still call it useless if it misses the major functions? We know you’ve just agreed to that. So, let’s just check out the 32665DC1 Concetto Kitchen Faucet from Grohe that doesn’t only bring in simplicity but also all the functionality you need.

This solid brass made faucet with its SuperSteel InfinityFinish can literally change the level of appeal of a kitchen along with pushing the durability up. Even after years, you ain’t going to see the shine fading away a bit.

But at times, stylish faucets are accused of having a complicated installation process. Thankfully, team Grohe didn’t let this one fall on that list by ensuring a quick installation system here.

And after looking at its perfect aerator height of 8-5/8″, you’ll understand the faucet won’t make it any difficult to put your dishes in the sink. In case you’re trying to put something too big there, then with the 360° swivel radius, that ain’t going to be a problem too.

There’s something else team Grohe has kept up to the mark, and that is the flow rate of 1.75 GPM. But the interesting fact is, with that much flow, there will be limescale buildup, and guess what the makers have added to clean it up? Yup, the GROHE Speed Clean feature where the cleaning needs just a simple finger wipe.

  • Comes with a quicker installation system
  • Offers a flow rate of 1.75 GPM
  • Easy to clean with GROHE SpeedClean feature
  • Perfect aerator height doesn’t create restriction
  • The shine stays intact for a long time

  • Its hose is not very easy to work with

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5. Grohe 30300000

Grohe 30300000 Minta Single-Handle Pull-Out...

It’s time to break the ‘C-Shaped’ tradition once again. The last one we’re going to tell you about is not only a flawless performer but also a piece of pure style. Well, it’s nothing else but the 30300000 Minta Kitchen Faucet from Grohe.

This brass made faucet with chrome finish ain’t just any random shiner. It has the ability to keep rust and scratches miles away. Plus, the L-shaped structure is something that you can turn to any direction. After all, isn’t it what the 360° swivel radius all about?

For easing things up a bit more, the makers have added the pull-down spray head. But don’t think you’ll have to struggle to put it back in place. Thanks to its automatic retraction for keeping it that way.

And handling? Let the adjustable flow-rate limiter handle that part. Now, controlling its 1.75 GPM flow rate with 15 PSI will be nothing but easy as pie for you.

By the way, are you planning to call a professional to fix it up on your faucet? We say don’t. Once you see its super easy installation process, it’s you who’ll say – ‘Even I can do it.’

  • Keeps scratches and rust away
  • Pull-down spray head is auto-retractable
  • Boasts a pressure level of 15 PSI
  • Comes with an easy installation process
  • Sports a flow rate of 1.75 GPM at 15 PSI

  • Requires manual pushing on faucet nozzle

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What to Look for Before Buying Grohe Faucet?

There’s no doubt that Grohe faucets are among the finest. But that doesn’t mean you’re free to pick one blindly. Like any other regular faucets, you need to check out certain things here, too like –


From the cap you wear to the shoes you put on – you check out the material quality in each one of them, don’t you? Then, count this one in there too. Faucets are nothing that you buy every now and then.

So, you better go with materials that won’t make you put your hands in the pocket any sooner. We say going with metallic faucets made of materials like stainless steel or solid brass for better durability is more of a better option there.


You’ve just put a new faucet in your kitchen, and after a couple of months, it started to feel like a relic from World War 2, scratchy and rusty. Is that what you want from your next faucet? We bet you don’t. So, avoid picking a faucet with finishing that can’t resist scratches or tarnish.

Water Flow Rate

A stylish faucet is simply useless if the water flow rate ain’t at the level you need. So, before you fall into the ‘shiny’ trap, make sure the one you’re grabbing can keep the flow rate at 1.6 GPM at least. And don’t forget to check out if it’s got the flow rate limiter or not.


We know you’re not in the mood to spend some more bucks for installation. So, make sure you’re not picking a faucet up that’ll lead you to cut off some extra cash. Yes, we’re talking about getting one with an easier installation so that you can go on the DIY mode with it anytime you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do professionals choose Grohe faucets?

When it comes to professionals, they always look for tools that can be their time saver. They don’t make any exception to that for faucets as well. The faucet they usually prefer has to be scratch-resistant as there’s a ton of things happening around it all the time.

And, of course, they don’t want to see a spoiled look with rust all over. So, it has to be rust-resistant too. The flow rate has to be perfect and needs to come with total adjustability. Guess which faucet can bring all these features together? Yup, the Grohe faucets. That’s why professionals prefer getting them in the first place.

  1. Why Grohe faucets?

Nobody buys the faucets, but the benefits that come with it, and in the case of Grohe faucets, they’ve got a ton of them. They’re resistant to scratches and tarnish. Plus, the shiny feel doesn’t fade away that easily and can stay that way for years. Moreover, they’re super easy to install.

But what makes us lose our minds? When it gets tough to clean our faucets up. Thankfully, Grohe faucets kept the bar of convenience high on that too. Plus, they’re good with flow rate control along with keeping the operation smooth and easy. So, if you’re going with Grohe faucets, then we bet you won’t regret it.

  1. How much do Grohe faucets cost?

As Grohe faucets come with a pile of useful features, they come with a standard price too. But you can easily get one with a price range of $190. Depending on the type, design, and feature of the faucet, the price can go higher or lower too.

  1. Which is better quality – Grohe or Hansgrohe?

Both of these brands give each other tough competition, and you can call the competition kind of head to head. But if you go for a comparison on the basis of quality, then you can rely on the Grohe as they are a step ahead of Hansgrohe.

  1. What is the best Grohe kitchen faucet?

The Grohe faucets we’ve reviewed so far, almost all of them replicated the performance of each other. But among them, we think the 30300000 Minta Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet is a step ahead. It has the Starlight Chrome finish that saves it from any scratch and rust.

Plus, it gives more room for putting bigger pots in the sinks rather than restricting the path. But what we loved the most is its beautiful L-shape design and the automatic retractable spray head.

Final Words

Indeed we all have specific preferences when it comes to picking up the right faucet. But the best Grohe kitchen faucet is something that can simply bring in all the features you can ask from your finest faucets, probably more than them.

So, are you planning on missing something like that? We don’t think so. So, when are you picking your one up?

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