Best Electric Cookie Press – 2023

Making cookies is a tough job, specially spritz or pizzelle cookies are even tougher to shape. Also, shaping cookies is time-consuming and if you don’t do it perfectly, the cookies look awful! So, why take so much stress when you can just do it simply?

Electric cookie presses are the modern tech to do this job for you. A cookie press enables you to customize the color, shape, and flavor of your cookies. So, with one of these, your job becomes so much easier.

That’s why our researchers spent hours searching for the best electric cookie press and made a list with only the top five.

Keep reading to find out more about them.

#List Of The Best Electric Cookie Press – Our Editor’s Pick:

Best Electric Cookie Press Reviews

1. Cuchina Pro Electric Cookie Press | Pizzelle Baker

Pizzelle Maker - Non-stick Electric Pizzelle Baker Press Makes Two 5-Inch Cookies at Once- Recipe...

Pizzelles are the most popular homemade cookies. They are traditional and very tough to make. So, if you want to keep up your tradition, Cuchina Pro pizzelle bakers are here to save you.

Cuchina pro pizzelle bakers are very easy to use and they work fast. With two pizzelle baking at a single time, you can make as many cookies as you want in no time! All you need to do is put your dough in the middle and the press will do everything else for you.

However, safety is a major concern for pizzelle baker presses. As it’s pretty easy to burn yourself when using one. However, Cuchina pizzella bakers have a steam guard and built-in safety features to save your hands from burning.

Also, Cuchina pro ensures that their presses distribute the heat evenly with extra-thick baking plates. These pizzelle bakers make cookies measuring 5 inches. So, the size is perfect for cones too.

Highlighted Features:

  • Able to make two pizzelle at the same time
  • The size of the cookie is 5 inches
  • Newer model comes with nonstick cooking plates
  • Extra thick backing plate for evenly temperature distribution
  • Nonstick cooking plate makes all the cleaning work easier

  • Makes two 5-inch pizzelle at a time
  • Grey non-stick cooking plates to prevent hand-burning
  • Includes recipes for perfect pizzelle
  • Non-stick baking surface for easy cleanup
  • High quality polished interior for perfect pizzelle

  • May omit bad odor upon first use
  • A user has reported receiving used products

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2. Cuchina Pro Piccollo Electric Cookie Press | Pizzelle Baker

CucinaPro Piccolo Pizzelle Baker - Electric Press Makes 4 Mini Cookies at Once, Grey Nonstick...

Cuchina pro is definitely the biggest brand in the pizzelle baking market. They make different types of Pizzelle bakers and offer a wide range of presses. However, for different occasions, having a baker with multiple pizzelle baking at the same time can save a lot of time.

The piccolo pizzelle bakers bake four mini pizzellas at the same time. All you have to do is put your dough and wait for the baker to finish its job. Also, the cookies measure 3.25 inches in size. So, these are perfect for occasional snacks.

However, cleaning up after baking is one of the toughest parts of baking. In many presses, the dough gets stuck to the baker and makes the job very hard. Not the piccolo pizzelle bakers though! These have non-stick baking grids to ensure easy clean-up after every baking.

In the end, if you compare Cuchina Pro pizzelle bakers with other brands on the market, you will find that the heat is distributed evenly in Cuchina pro bakers. That ensures that the baking is crisp and tasty.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes in black & silver color with aluminum built
  • Bake up to 4 pizzelle cookies at once
  • Steam guard technology protects hands from burning
  • Evenly heat distribution system for crispy brown cookies
  • The diameter of each cookie is 3.25 inches

  • Bakes 4 mini prezzelles at once
  • Extra-thick baking plates for even heat distribution
  • Features steam-guard to protect hands from burning
  • Food-grade nonstick materials used
  • Beautifully patterned pizzelle at short time

  • Made of Aluminum which is softer than steel
  • Some users have complained about the durability

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3. Salton Electric Cookie Press | 12 Cookie Discs Included

Salton Cookie Press

If you plan on baking cookies for this Christmas, you’re going to want this one. Salton produces the best electric spritz cookie press and these are perfect for use on occasions. As you want to make a lot of cookies in a short time, having one of these will surely help you.

Salton cookie presses make it fairly easy to make beautiful cookies in no time. You can make a full tray of cookies in less than 2 minutes! Also, the handles are very comfortable and easy to hold. So, you won’t get tired when using these.

However, having different shapes of cookies is a must for holidays. That’s why Salton includes 12 stainless-steel cookie discs and 3 special filling tips with the press. With the outer tube cover on the press, you can change cookie discs without reloading dough.

In addition, with 3 special filling tips, you can go beyond baking cookies. The tips can be used for stuffing pastry or pasta shells as well as decorating your cookies. So, Salton offers pretty good value for the price.

Highlighted Features:

  • 12 stainless steel blades for different shapes
  • Automatically dispenses electric press
  • 3 extra steel decorators for pastry or pasta
  • All the parts are removable and easy clean, dishwasher safe
  • Include recipe book as a gift

  • Special filling tips for decorating or filling pastry
  • Includes recipe collection for different cookies
  • Smaller parts are removable and dishwasher-safe
  • 12 different cookie shapes and designs
  • Durable and sturdy, very long-lasting

  • The motor inside isn’t very strong
  • Salton doesn’t manufacture new presses anymore

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4. Cuisinart Electric Cookie Press | 3 Years Warranty

Cuisinart CCP-10 Electric Cookie Press with 12 Discs and 8 Decorating Tips, White

Cuisinart is a household name, isn’t it? Their cookie presses have helped thousands of household bakers and continue to make a name for themselves. The CCP-10 is no different. After thorough researching, we found this to be overall the best electric cookie press.

Why you may ask? First of all, the CCP-10 does its job well. These work fast and reliably. The electric motor is very strong and pushes out the dough evenly on your tray.

Also, if you have used manual presses, you understand how time-consuming and tiring making cookies was before. Cuisinart presses make baking fun! With their ergonomic handles and single-touch operation, making cookies with these is more like a fun pastime activity!

However, some other electric cookie presses have safety and issues. Although if you buy one from Cuisinart you don’t have to worry about safety at all. These are perfectly safe to use and they last a long time. Also, Cuisinart ensures 3 years of limited warranty too!

Highlighted Features:

  • 1 touch easy operation for smooth use
  • Removable piece and dishwasher safe
  • Crystal clear tube for a quick inside view
  • Comes with recipes, 12 pieces decorating blades
  • 3 years of the limited warranty

  • Ergonomic shape with 1 touch operation
  • Quick and consistent cookie making
  • Comes with 8 stainless-steel decorating tips
  • 3 years limited warranty
  • Fits many different old cookie discs

  • Doesn’t work properly with stiff doughs
  • Plastic dough tubes bent in some cases

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5. Shangsky Electric Cookie Press | Speed Adjustable

Electric Cookie Press Gun Set, Cookie Maker Kit Homemade Baking Tool With 12 Discs And 4 Icing...

As there is more and more use of plastic in the food industry, a genuine concern about food safety is being raised. That’s why when buying an electric cookie press gun, you have to make sure that the press is safe to use.

Although Shangsky has got you covered this time. Their cookie presses are made of food-grade Abs and PP material. These materials are safe, non-toxic, and BPA-free. So, you can use these to make desserts as much as you want.

However, there are many electric cookie presses available. The difference between other presses and the Shangsky cookie press is that these have a speed adjustable feature. You can adjust the speed of pressing between fast and slow. So, you can bake at your speed.

Anyway, you can just look at these and feel they are made to be perfect. With no sharp edges and smooth corners, you can use these presses to have a pleasant baking experience.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made out from safe, non-toxic, BPA free material
  • Two-way speed adjustable switch, Fast/Slow
  • Best cookie decoration tools for DIY
  • Many uses like making dessert, decorating cakes, different types of cookies

  • Food-grade Abs and PP material
  • Speed adjustability for a personalized experience
  • Works perfectly with good moisture dough
  • High-quality materials and production
  • Good value for the price

  • Some users complained about the noise this makes

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Top 5 Electric Cookie Press Comparison Table


Build Material




Cuchina Pro Electric Cookie Press 




Cuchina Pro Piccollo Electric Cookie Press



Black, Silver

Salton Electric Cookie Press




Cuisinart Electric Cookie Press

Food Grade Safety Material BPA free



Shangsky Electric Cookie Press




Buying Guide for Electric Cookie Press

cookie press

Cookie presses are essential for making spritz cookies at home. However, there are different types of cookie presses available. So, finding one that suits your necessities can be pretty hard.

However, there are some guidelines you can follow to understand exactly what you need for the perfect cookies.


There are mainly two types of cookie presses: vintage and electric. Vintage cookie presses are manually powered and electric cookie presses are electrically powered.

A manual cookie press will obviously cost you lesser than electric presses. Also, manual presses are more portable because they don’t need a power outlet nearby. However, vintage presses have some big drawbacks.

Making cookies with a manual press is quite tough. Even if you have the perfect recipe for your cookies, they may not look or taste good because using a manual press is just inconvenient. Moreover, using a manual press requires you to learn the technique perfectly.

Although electric cookie presses are more expensive, buying one may help you in the long run.  These are very easy to use. All you have to do is press a trigger and the press will make perfectly shaped cookies every time!

So, buy electric cookies and save yourself hours of hard work.


Electric cookie presses are mainly made of either plastic or metal. Metal presses are more expensive but they are very durable. However, if you buy a metal press, make sure that you dry the press properly after every wash to avoid rusting.

On the other hand, plastic cookie presses are cheaper and easier to handle. The only downside they have is the reduced durability of metal. However, they last long enough anyway.

So, unless you love metal, a plastic cookie press is good enough for you as they save money and time.

Transparent Dough Tube

You want the dough tube to be transparent. Some brands make presses with opaque dough tubes. Although they may work fine, having a transparent dough tube lets you understand how much dough is in the tube and when to refill.

Types of Electric Cookie Press

There are some different types of electric cookie presses available. Although most of them are pretty similar and work similarly.

However, some presses specialize in different aspects.

Portable Electric Cookie Press

While most electric cookie presses need a cord and electric connection to work, some presses come with batteries and are rechargeable. So, you can recharge the press and get to work without any attached wires.

However, the main problem with these is that the batteries don’t last very long and the motors are fairly weaker than wired presses.

Metal or Plastic

This is more of a preference than anything else. Some brands make metal cookie presses and some make plastic presses.

Although metal presses are more durable, metal is far more expensive than plastic. Also, very few metal presses have transparent dough tubes. This can introduce different problems while baking.

Again, there are electric cookie presses made of plastic material. But, you need to make sure that the plastic quality is fairly good and food-grade. Some cheap brands might use toxic plastic to make their presses which may cause health problems.

Anyway, as baking is more of an art than anything else, most of the presses rely on preference more than anything else. So, you can’t find the best electric cookie press unless you have used some for yourself and understood your workflow.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Is a cookie press worth it?

Well, if you want to bake cookies at home you are going to need a cookie press. Although, if you want to do the hard work and save money you can just buy a manual press.

There is no other way to make enough cookies in a short period without an electric cookie press. So, if you love baking and want to keep that up, buying a cookie press is definitely worth it.

Why does my cookie press stick?

The main reason why cookie presses stick is that the dough is too warm. After making the dough, you can let the dough chill in the refrigerator for some time. This will cool the dough and the dough won’t stick anymore.

Also, try chilling the cookie sheets too. Some bakers suggested that a chilled cookie sheet might help with sticking.

What size of cookie press do I need to buy?

Most electric cookie presses are pretty similar in size. However, manual presses have many different sizes and designs. Like plunger-type presses, turning-style presses, etc. Also, the disc sizes may vary in different brands.

However, most electric brands use discs of 21/4 inches in diameter. This size makes the perfect cookies for different occasions.

Are all cookie press the same?

There are different types of cookie presses. Some are manual and modern presses are mostly electric. Different brands offer different advantages and some disadvantages too. So, all cookie presses are not the same.

However, most cookie presses make the same-sized cookies. Read more about different types of cookie presses.

What is the secret to using a cookie press?

Cookie making is an art. Spritz cookies need some getting used to first. So, you can’t expect to make perfect cookies on your first try. But, electric cookie presses can help you a lot if you are just starting.

However, there are some tricks that you can implement to make consistently better cookies.

You should only use cookie press recipes. Because, if you mix in nuts or raisins, the press can’t work properly. Also, you can remove air while filling the shaft. This ensures better presses every time.

Also, you must use the press properly in the upright position. Tilting a cookie press will give you inconsistent results. You should also pause a little before lifting the press to let the cookies grab the cookie sheet.

Why does my cookie press not work?

There can be many reasons for your press to not work. However, the most common is pressing on a non-stick surface. You can try putting the cookies on a metal sheet instead of parchment paper or baking stone.

If your press itself is not working, you may want to get that checked out or change it.

Final Words

Baking cookies isn’t an easy task. But, having the best electric cookie press at your disposal is going to help you a lot in the holidays.

Modern presses save time, energy and make the baking experience fun and pleasant. So, buy an electric cookie press machine and save yourself from the miseries you face every Christmas. That is the best gift you can get yourself!

Make love and Bake cookies!

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