Best Commercial Pizza Ovens in 2021

We all know that pizza cooked in a regular home oven is just not as good as the ones we get at a fast food joint or an Italian restaurant. Besides a few special ingredients, the main difference lies within the kind of oven used. The difference that the type of oven used makes in the taste of a pizza will blow your mind.

So if you’re thinking of opening a new restaurant, and plan on selling pizza, you will need the best commercial pizza ovens in town. This will get your sales going and will make your pizza stand out in the crowd.

Luckily, we’ve done this commercial pizza oven reviews just for you. If you want to know more about pizza ovens and which one to get, give this article a read.

What to Look for before Buying

Before settling on a pizza oven, you need to keep a few factors in mind. Giving importance to these factors pre-purchase will ensure your post-purchase experience is delightful.

  • Space

Pizza ovens can get quite big, so before sealing the deal, make sure you have enough kitchen space. Leave space for employees to move freely and safely around the oven.

  • Type of Pizza to Be Cooked

If you wish to serve traditional pizzas, a brick oven will be an ideal choice. When you have many pizza options in your menu and speed is of the essence, a conveyor oven will be a great choice.

Deck ovens serve pizzas very close to the ones cooked in a brick oven but take up much less space. Lastly, a convection oven can be bought as a multipurpose option.

  • Speed

Depending on what kind of restaurant you are operating, you can select the speed your oven works at. If your restaurant solely focuses on pizzas, you will need a fast operating machine to cater to the many pizza orders you’ll receive.

On the other hand, if pizza is just another option on your menu, you can allow your oven to take some more time.

  • Ease of Use

Getting an oven that is too hard to operate will put your employees in a bad mood and your restaurant at risk. You need to make sure that your employees and cooks know how the oven works so that they can operate the machine without burning the whole place down.

And you will be getting new employees, so having an oven that is easy to understand will make sure you don’t have to spend hours demonstrating how the oven works to them.

Maintenance of the pizza oven should also be simple. Hygiene is something you will have to maintain quite strictly in the restaurant business.

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5 Best Commercial Pizza Ovens Review

Here are our top picks for commercial pizza ovens. These ovens are known for leaving customers happy, and they won’t let you down for sure.

1. Gemelli Twin Oven, Professional Grade Convection Oven

Convection ovens are a great choice to get for a home or a restaurant. These can be used for cooking chicken or any kind of meat and baking as well.

This oven has a separate built-in drawer that you use to make pizzas. The pizza cooks in this separate oven evenly. You can also use this dish to toast bread, heat snacks, and bagels. Any 12-inch pizza, frozen, or fresh-made will fit in the tray.

To cook rotisserie chicken, you can use the available fork set, and three pieces split rod. The choice of meat does not only have to be chicken. Any meat that weighs approximately 5-6lbs and can be fit onto the rod will cook evenly in this oven.

A huge benefit of cooking chicken this way is that all the unwanted fat drips down to the tray underneath, what a great way to enjoy lean and healthy meat!

If you’re concerned about preheating, this oven has got your back. With a 30% faster cooking rate, heat distributes throughout this oven in very less time. Therefore there is no need for any preheating at all!

Slow-cook, broil, defrost meat, warm up food and bake all in this one convenient oven.


  • Multifunction: cook, defrost, broil, bake and warm up food
  • Separate compartment for pizza
  • Separate pizza tray can also be used for toasting bread or bagels
  • Fork set and a three-piece split rod for cooking meat
  • Gets rid of all unwanted oils from meat
  • 30% faster cooking time with no need for preheating


  • Most expensive one on the list

2. Ninja Foodi Digital Fry, Convection Oven

Don’t have much space to work with? This convection oven from Ninja Foodi will help you save counter space.

This oven can be flipped to turn into sort of a toaster type appliance to save space. Whenever you need to bake a pizza, just flip the thing around! This truly is the best small commercial pizza oven you can get your hands on. Almost 50% of its space is saved when flipped.

Besides being so easy to store, this oven also comes with eight other useful functions. You can bake, broil, air-fry, air-roast, dehydrate, and warm up food as well. If you like healthy food but can’t seem to find tasty options, you can try frying your meals in this air-fryer. Even food like fries is 75% less oily when air-fried.

Make pizzas that are up to 13-inches in size and toast up to 9 slices of bread. Although the oven does not take up much space, the cooking area when flipped is large enough to serve decent sized meals.


  • Preheats in 60 seconds
  • Cooks food 60% faster
  • Large cooking tray; fits 9 slices of toast
  • Air-fryer helps reduce oil in food by 75%
  • Flip to save space
  • Easy cleaning process


  • The non-stick pan provided cannot handle too much heat, abode 350 degrees F is not recommended

3. Calphalon 2106488 Cool Touch Countertop Oven

Known for durability and high-performance, Calplalon is one of the best commercial pizza oven brands.

These ovens last a very long time and need little to no maintenance. Cleaning the parts and the interior is also quite easy and simple. All commands and operating procedures are made clear in the instruction guide provided and can be followed quite easily.

Made with quartz heat technology, there is no need to preheat your oven. Heat is distributed 40% more evenly. You get food that cooks fast and thoroughly. Outsides of the oven are kept 75% cooler than other ones in the market. Even if you forget to wear your mittens when checking the oven, you won’t risk burning your hand.

12 different cooking options including, broiling, baking, toasting, defrosting, reheating, dehydrating, and many more, make this the ideal multifunction oven.

An easy-to-read-in-the-dark LCD screen and touch screen buttons make this an oven of the future. A sleek glass door not only makes the oven look great but also helps you keep an eye on the food without having to let the heat out. There is also a built-in light that helps you do this.


  • 12-inch baking tray, crumb tray, wire rack, and dehydrating basket included
  • Durable, easy to maintain and clean
  • Quartz heat technology gives you even heat distribution
  • Outside of the oven is 75% cooler
  • 12 different cooking styles offered
  • Easy to read LED screen with touch buttons


  • Toasting and reheating takes some time

4. Mueller Austria Toaster Oven

Looking for a small pizza oven just for you? This is the one to get! Although this pizza oven comes in a small size and is lightweight, you can do a lot with it. Cook a 9-inch pizza, toast bread, heat bagels, and even broil stuff.

Heat options are available from 150 degrees to 450 degrees F, so you have the option to bake anything you like in this.

Natural convection circulation means faster-heated ovens. There is no need to wait for your oven to preheat. This circulation also helps food cook faster. Made especially for toasting bread, this oven is a delight to have at home for pizzas as well.

There is a built-in 30 minute times that helps prevent burn toast in case you forget to set a time. A crumb tray is attached at the bottom of the oven that makes cleaning up much easier. This tray is removable and can be washed or wiped down in a minute.


  • Easy to control the temperature
  • Dual-position rack lets you cook multiple meals at the same time
  • Natural convection circulation helps cook food faster and more even
  • 30-minute built-in timer
  • Crumb tray can be removed and cleaned easily
  • Small in size; great for people living alone


  • Exterior gets too hot

5. Only Fire Stainless Steel Pizza Oven Kit

Outdoor pizza stones such as this one make the best tasting pizzas! Why miss out on the one you can get for cheap, is easy to use, and easy to store as well?

This pizza oven kit from Only Fire is a must-have for pizza lovers. When placed on an outdoor grill, this makes this sort of a small grill that you use to make pizzas on, a perfect addition to any family gathering or party. The pizza stone can fit on most well-known grill brands.

Made with high-grade stainless steel, this oven will last ages. A double-wall ceiling keeps all the heat inside, giving you thoroughly cooked pizzas in no time at all. Both the exterior and interior do get quite hot, so you do need to be extra cautious.

You don’t need any additional tools to set this thing up on your grill; simply place the stone on top, and you’re good to go. A 15-inch pizza stone, the stainless steel chamber, and a thermometer are included with your purchase.


  • Quite similar to a brick oven
  • Needs tools to be set up
  • Made with high-quality stainless steel
  • Fits on top of most well-known grill brands
  • Great for outdoor parties
  • Can be used to heat food as well


  • You will need time to get used to handling the kit as exterior gets quite hot

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this small section, we have tried to answer some of the common questions that people have when buying a pizza oven for the first time.

  1. How do I know when my pizza oven is heated and ready?

Some ovens have indicators or notify you when your oven is preheated. If you get a traditional brick oven, you might just have to wing it.

  1. Can you use a pizza oven for baking other stuff?

You can use your pizza oven for baking bread, roast meat, or make cakes and cookies as well. Just adjust the temperature and cooking time accordingly.

  1. How to keep a pizza oven clean?

Unplug the oven and use a slightly damp cloth to rub the interior. You can also use cleaning products, but you have to be careful not to use too much liquid. For the parts that can be taken out, you can wash them however you like. Steel or non-stick coated parts should be dealt with care.

  1. How to install a pizza oven?

Most ovens just need to be plugged in and are ready to go. If an oven requires special procedures, you should ask for professional help.

  1. How much do pizza ovens weigh?

A pizza oven can be as lightweight as 15 lb. Brick ovens can be 500 lb, while convection ovens can be about 15 to 40lb.

Final Words

Choosing a good quality pizza oven has never been easier. Make pizza that tastes like it was handmade in Italy with the best commercial pizza ovens in your restaurant!

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