Best Commercial Cotton Candy Machine Reviews in 2023

Our childhood memory is wrapped with the sweetness of cotton candies! Not just the flavor, we still love its exquisite colors and also the way of preparing it.

Speaking of preparation, it is a super-easy snack that you can make within minutes! So, from now on, you won’t have to go outside to get a single piece of candy cone, just ensure to get your hands on the best commercial cotton candy machine for making heaps of cotton candies very quickly at home.

These machines are durable, more powerful, and capable of providing lots of candy sticks at a go. And our below-mentioned choices will definitely help you feed a crowd. But before jumping to the reviews, you should check the buyer’s guide, which will guide you to find the most suitable one.

#List Of The Best Cotton Candy Machine – Our Editor’s Pick:

10 Best Commercial Cotton Candy Machine Reviews

Cotton Candy Machine

Having a heavy-duty and powerful cotton candy machine is a must if you want to use it for commercial purposes. This is why our team did a lot of research to find out the best options. And then we narrowed down the choices to just five. See which one suits your tastes and requirements.


VIVO Blue Electric Commercial Cotton Candy Machine, Candy Floss Maker CANDY-V001B

The V001B is recommended for those who are seriously addicted to cotton candy. Not for personal uses only, this efficient machine can be used for commercial purposes also.

First off, the device packs a superior motor that provides nearly 1030 watts of power. It lets you prepare at least 2 to 3 candy sticks within just a minute. So, it is clear that you can serve lots of cotton candies at once to your mates.

On top of the machine, you will get a sugar scoop with a pretty large-sized 20-inch bowl made of high-quality stainless steel. Besides, its quick-release latches allow you to remove the bowl from the device in a hassle-free way.

Since the bowl is removable, you won’t have to work really hard cleaning it. On the bottom of the machine, you will find four pieces of rubber feet that are designed to provide better stability and protect the device from accidental slipping.

You can turn the device “on” in just a single push on the power button. Even your toddler can prepare some delicious candies without dealing with unexpected accidents. Keep in mind, it works only on 60Hz/110V power.

  • Packs sufficient amounts of power
  • Able to serve lots of candies within a snap
  • Boasts a large bowl with a sugar scoop
  • Fast-release latches for user convenience
  • Rubber feet for stability
  • Pretty simple to operate

  • Costs a small fortune!
  • Sugar reservoir is a bit small

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2. Olde Midway CON-COT-SP2000+CART

Olde Midway Commercial Quality Cotton Candy Machine Cart and Electric Candy Floss Maker - SPIN 2000

Here is a portable cotton candy machine from Olde Midway, which you can move from place to place without much effort; guess how? The credit goes to the efficient wheels it packs, which makes it way too perfect for birthday parties, schools, churches, varsity club, and concessionaires.

Its 950W high-performance motor enables you to prepare some tasty cotton candies within just 2-4 minutes. A single piece of cone will take not more than 30 seconds to prepare, wow!

Like our previous model, the machine offers a stainless steel kettle, and thankfully, there is an adequate amount of space. In addition, you will find three holes on the side of the table to keep your prepared item on display.

On the front panel, you will get a built-in power switch, voltmeter, and a specific heat controller to regulate the whole device in the way you want. Alongside it, the machine has got an ingredient scoop with a storage drawer so that users can keep their necessary items in place.

For ensuring easy cleaning, the manufacturer includes quick-release latches on this device; this will definitely help you attach or detach the bowl very smoothly.

  • Portable wheels with a heavy-duty motor
  • Requires a short time to serve candies
  • Equips a storage drawer with an ingredient scoop
  • Removable kettle for easy cleaning

  • Pricey!

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3. Cotton Candy Express 6009CCE

Cotton Candy Express CC1000-S Cotton Candy Machine, with 5 - 11oz. Jars of Cherry, Grape, Blue...

Despite being small in size, 6009CCE equips plenty of power to provide large amounts of candies in a pretty short time. So, it could definitely be a good option for commercial uses, or you can just buy this machine to fulfill your toddler’s demand at home so that they don’t need to go outside to get some delicious cotton candies!

It packs almost all essential accessories that you need from a cotton candy machine and offers 50 pieces of paper cones with five different flavors (11 oz each) to suit your taste.

Just press the power button to start up the tool, and then it will make the entire job done itself. There is an easy-view rim on the top, and the overall structure is good enough despite being plastic.

You won’t’ have a hard time transferring it at all since it comes with a weight of around 10.1lbs, which makes it quite portable. And hopefully, you and your kids will love its exquisite color and overall look as much as we do!

  • Includes lots of accessories
  • Low in cost
  • Offers 5 different flavors to choose from
  • Portable and seems much attractive to look at

  • Gets overheated too soon!

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4. VBENLEM Commercial Cotton Candy Machine

VBENLEM 20 Inch Commercial Cotton Candy Machine with Cover 935W Electric Candy Floss Maker for...

Have you seen those sparkling eyes of those kids when you try to give them a stick full of cotton candy? Now, imagine what if the one you’re giving them turns into the best cotton candy they’ve ever had. Well, it’s nothing impossible if you’re doing it with the Commercial Cotton Candy Machine from VBENLEM.

This highly efficient machine is a perfect mixture of materials like stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum. So, clearly, you’ve got no chance to question its durability. On top of that, the huge 20.5″ SS pan doesn’t need more than a minute to serve you with 7 cotton candies.

And if you’re thinking about precise control, then stepless temperature adjustment is here to ease up the process. Plus, you won’t have to take a headache about the voltage, as the built-in volt display meter is here to make the monitoring easier. All you need to do is just hit that ON/OFF button to get started.

If you’ve had your share of hassle with stability while making candies, then this machine surely won’t repeat that. Thanks to its rubber gaskets for taking that friction down and making it more stable than ever. And its rubber feet do a great job, too, for making it vibrate less.

  • Makes 7 cotton candies per minute
  • Boasts easy operation mechanism
  • Easy to monitor the volt
  • Keeps the friction at a lower level
  • Minimizes the vibration with rubber feet

  • The instructions could’ve been clearer

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5. Nurxiovo Cotton Candy Machine

Nurxiovo 21 Inch Cotton Candy Machine Electric Commercial Cotton Candy Maker Large Stainless Steel...

We’ve always believed that cotton candies are a form of sweet happiness. But when you’ve got something like the Cotton Candy Machine from Nurxiovo, things just start to get better and sweeter.

When you start this machine, just give it 1-3 minutes to warm up, and the next thing you’ll see is 2-3 candies coming out of it every minute. And thanks to its 21″ pan for making it easier to keep the operation running.

By the way, you can remove the pan if you want, for cleaning, of course. And if you’re thinking that’s going to be a hell of work when it comes to cleaning, then you’ll be surprised to see how easy it is to clean up.

And what else do you need – integrated controller or display Voltmeter? This one got both of them. Plus, to keep the operation safer, it has a built-in fuse as well. Wait a minute! Are you looking for a place to keep your tools? Don’t worry; this machine got a spacious drawer for that too.

  • Pan can be removed for cleaning
  • Keeps it safe with a built-in fuse
  • Makes 2-3 candies in every minute
  • Comes with display Voltmeter and integrated controller
  • Packs a drawer for required tools

  • Not the best one for hard candy

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6. Nostalgia CLCM8AQ

Nostalgia Classic Countertop Cotton Candy Machine, Retro Vintage Candy Maker Includes 2 Reusable...

How would you feel when you’ve gone shopping, asked for a box of chocolates and when you’ve opened the packet you saw there are actually two boxes. You’ll feel amazing, won’t you? Well, it’s going to be kind of the same thing when you bring in the CLCM8AQ Cotton Candy Maker from Nostalgia.

As this one can make both flossing sugar and hard candies, you won’t have to look for separate machines for both. Sounds like a cost-saver, doesn’t it? But I don’t think this versatile machine has anything to offer on the visual appeal. Its classic retro design can take anyone back to their childhood memories.

But do you know what could’ve made it a good-for-nothing kind of machine? A complicated operation. Thankfully, the makers didn’t go on that route and kept it simpler than ever. All you need to do is hit the ON/OFF lever, warm it up and start making candies.

On top of that, the clear rim guard doesn’t only work as a protective shield but also eases up watching how the candy is being made. And once you’re finished, you can easily disassemble it to give it a thorough cleaning.

  • Sports a classic retro design
  • Can make both flossing sugar and hard candies
  • Clear rim guard works as a shield
  • Comes with a simple operation process
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning

  • Not the best one for a party

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7. Display4top Cotton Candy Machine

Display4top Cotton Candy Machine Commercial, Electric Cotton Candy Maker, 1080W Candy Floss Maker...

When a bunch of kids piles up in front of your countertop, you can bet that they ain’t going to wait too long for their favorite cotton candy. So, what you can do is keep a tech like Cotton Candy Machine from Display4top to put candies in their hand before they know it.

We don’t know too many machines that, despite having 1080-watts of power, can keep the operation quick and quiet at the same time. But it seems this one has managed to pull that off perfectly. Now just giving it a single minute will be enough to bring you 2-4 cotton candies.

And if you’re thinking it’s going to vibrate more than your phone, then maybe you didn’t check out the clamps that keep a strong grip on its durable 20.5″ SS bowl. Plus, it also helps in keeping the noise on a lower level.

Anyway, have you noticed its sugar floss scoop? This long-handled scoop can simply ease up your work and keep you safe while doing it.

By the way, do you like music? Well, those kids that come to your store surely do. So, the makers thought of giving this lightweight and compact machine both a music design and LED light. So, every time you put it at work, you can simply turn on the music to draw more attention.

  • Ensures quiet and quick operation
  • Serves 2-4 candies in a minute
  • Clamps take down the vibration
  • Long-handled scoop helps with safety
  • Comes with a music design

  • Can’t make more than 4 in a minute

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8. Cotton Candy Express CC1000-S

Cotton Candy Express CC1000-S Cotton Candy Machine, with 5 - 11oz. Jars of Cherry, Grape, Blue...

Hey, won’t it be amazing if your next cotton candy machine can cut short your expenses on floss sugar? Well, if your answer is yes, then we say that’s what’s going to happen right after you bring in the CC1000-S Cotton Candy Machine from Cotton Candy Express.

The package contains five different floss sugar – Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Grape, Orange, and Pink Vanilla. So, clearly, your customers can’t complain anymore about not having a variety in cotton candy. Don’t think we’re done yet. It also has paper cotton-candy cones, not one or two but 50 of them.

But what you’re going to find most adorable is its pink design, which is kind of cute, by the way. Rather than having a pile of switches and knobs, it has a simple On/Off switch. Once you hit it, it’ll be ready to go in minutes. And due to its lightweight and compact design, you can keep one at your home too if you want.

  • Sports a beautiful pink design
  • Comes with 5 different floss sugar
  • Easy to operate with a single switch
  • Includes 50 paper cotton-candy cones
  • Compatible for residential usage too

  • Have to clean after making 2-3 candies

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9. Nostalgia PCM306PK

Nostalgia PCM306PK Vintage Hard Free Countertop Cotton Candy Maker

Last but not the least, this one is the most inexpensive cotton candy machine on our list, which includes plenty of striking features despite being dirt cheap. Its efficient extractor head lets you use your favorite candies or flossing sugar to prepare some of the tasty cotton candies.

Unlike the traditional cotton candy machine, this one is simpler to operate; all you need to do is heat up the unit, add a certain amount of flossing sugar, and then enjoy your fluffy candy with your families and buddies.

The clear-view rim allows you to watch the candy being prepared, and you can detach the unit to ensure easy cleaning. The suction cup feet are engineered to hold the stuff in place. Last but not least, you will get a piece of sugar scoop and two reusable cones with the device.

  • Cheapest one on our list
  • Relatively easy to handle
  • Equipped with a clear-view rim
  • Includes reusable cones with a sugar scoop

  • Kind of slow!

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10. The Candery cc-ma

The Candery Cotton Candy Machine and Floss Bundle- Bright, Colorful Style- Sugar Free Candy, Sugar...

The Candery cc-ma is the cutest cotton candy machine that we tested. Not just good in outlook, this adorable device packs almost all essential features to make a large space in your heart!

First things first, it is compact and much lighter, just around 3.98 pounds for your convenience. So, moving it from room to room will be as easy as falling off a log. And the colorful design makes it compatible with all décor, thankfully.

Compared to other commercial cotton candy machines, it is relatively easier to operate; plus, it can offer adequate amounts of candies within a short period of time. Both toddlers and elders will love this machine a lot since it delivers homemade sweets and sugar-free candies at the same time.

This little champ has got an easy-view rim, sugar scoop, and most importantly, an-ultra quiet motor that will provide you a minimal amount of noise while running. Along with the machine, you will get ten pieces of candy cones. Be prepared to have some fun with your mates at the birthday parties, picnics, or treats!

  • Attractive design and color
  • Only 3.98 pounds
  • Packed with a noise-free motor
  • Includes an easy-view rim with ten candy cones

  • Pretty small!
  • The bowl is not that durable

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What to Look for Before Buying?

Commercial Cotton Candy Machine

There are some essential things to look for before buying a cotton candy machine, especially if you want to buy it for commercial purposes. You won’t complete your candy-preparing task in time if you choose the wrong item.

So, to reduce your hardwood, we will show you some of the core factors that all of you should consider before making a buying decision.

Purpose of Buying

Yes, at first you have to know why you are going to purchase a cotton candy machine. Are you just a homeowner? Or you need a device for commercial purposes?

Fix your target, and then choose a specific one. Keep in mind, home cotton candy machines are not that powerful, and these are relatively cheap. A commercial model, on the other hand, equips high power yet costs an arm and a leg!


Again, for commercial purposes, you need to get yourself a powerful machine, and of course, it should be loaded with higher amounts of speed for which you can serve a lot of candies within a short period. The case will be different if you need a cotton candy device for your home.


Not just your device should be powerful; it should be durable enough so that you can use it for up to years with ease. Most of the cotton candy machines out there equip plastic and stainless steel as a prime material.

If you want to get your hands on metal instead of plastic, then it will cost a bit more. However, stainless steel is the best option for commercial uses when it comes to durability.


Don’t try to neglect this part if you want to get the maximum benefit from a cotton candy machine. The bowl should be easily detachable; plus, the size of the bowl should be pretty big, so you can serve a large amount of cotton candies in one go. An average or small one is acceptable if you are going to use it at your home.

Quick-Release Latches

Consider picking up the one that includes quick-release latches. It will help you attach or detach the bowl with ease so that you can clean it up once in a while. After a couple of uses, the bowl could get a bit dirty. So, it becomes a need to wash it off after a certain period.
Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you use regular sugar for a cotton candy machine?

Of course, you can use some regular sugar for a cotton candy machine, whether it is a commercial or home model. Just make sure to crush it through an electric grinder, wait for a while until it gets into powder type.

  1. What kind of sugar do you use in a cotton candy machine?

Sooth to say, you will find several types of sugar to choose from. In our opinion, you can either make a mixture of regular granulated sugar with floss-sugar concentrate, or you can pick up a pre-mixed item as an alternative.

  1. Can you use Kool Aid to make cotton candy?

Not only are we fond of the taste of cotton candy, but we also like the way of preparing it. If you need to add some extra flavor to your candies, you can use a certain amount of Kool-Aid, yes. The expert recommends using a single scoop of Kool-Aid with five scoops of sugar.

  1. What is the best commercial cotton candy machine?

According to our research and personal opinion, VIVO CANDY-V001B deserves the first place. This son of a gun packs a 20-inch large-sized bowl made of stainless steel, quick-release latches for easy detaching, and most importantly, a 1030W motor to serve you a minimum of 2 to 3 pieces of candy sticks.

Considering these facts, you can call it one of the best commercial cotton candy machines.

  1. What flavor is cotton candy?

Around the universe, cotton candies are available in a variety of flavors, including chocolate, banana, lemon, grape, bubblegum, tutti-frutti, and many more. But only two are very common and popular among the peoples; these are pink vanilla and blue raspberry.

  1. Why was cotton candy invented by a dentist?

Surprisingly, machine-spun cotton candy was invented by a professional dentist William Morrison and confectioner John Wharton in 1897. The purpose of making cotton candies was only to keep children away from taking lots of sugar.

1 oz of cotton candy contains not more than 25 grams of sugar. At the same time, regular candy includes up to 45 grams. So, you decide which one is good for your teeth and overall health!

  1. Can you use paper straws for cotton candy?

In a short reply, yes.

To Conclude

This write-up has introduced the top 5 best commercial cotton candy machines for you to consider. With an efficient piece of cotton candy device, it will be possible to enjoy leisure time with mates and families by having some mouth-watering candies. So what is your opinion? Do you like this snack as much as we do? Hopefully yes!

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