Best Chef’s Choice Knife Sharpener Reviews – 2021

No kitchen is complete without a knife; this is one of the most common yet essential kitchen utensils. However, with time these utensils lose their sharpness and become a hassle to use, becoming slow and difficult to cut with. In such a scenario, you don’t need to run to the store to purchase another knife — all you need is a knife sharpener.

We’ve scoured the internet, and we’ve done our research, and we’ve come across some of the best chef’s choice knife sharpener in the market. These knives are guaranteed to help you out with your sharpening needs. We’ve also written down a brief buying guide to help you make a thought out choice.

What to Look for Before You Buy?

When you’re searching for a good knife sharpener, there’s quite a pool of factors that you need to keep in mind before making the purchase. In this brief buying guide, we’ve listed down and described those factors to make your life simpler.


One of the first and most crucial factors that you must keep in mind is the sharpener’s size that you’ll need to purchase. Different knives have different lengths and widths. It’s quite necessary to buy a sharpener that meets those size needs.

It would help if you also kept in mind that these sharpeners will be taking up some space on your kitchen countertops. Decide carefully considering the amount of space you already have on your countertop to make the most of it.


The functionality of a knife sharpener depends entirely on the sharpening stones installed within them. A high-quality sharpening stone can create some of the most efficient and effective sharpenings of your knife.

Moreover, this high-quality material will ensure that your blade remains in the best shape throughout its life. To determine which materials are best for your knife, you’ll have to look into the knife’s build, the metal being used, and the knife’s purpose.

Grit Levels

It’s quite common that you’ll find knife sharpeners with multiple levels. Here each level houses a different grit stone within it.

The amount of grit on the stone determines how much metal is shaved off from the knife to achieve your desired sharpness. Thus, you’ll need to choose the number of grit levels that you need carefully.

Moreover, the grit levels you’ll find include a coarse setting, a medium grit, and fine grit. Each knife has a different need; therefore, it’s best to know your knife’s needs when purchasing a sharpener with multiple levels.

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5 Best Chef’s Choice Knife Sharpener

Now that you have a better idea of what to look for, it’s time for you to make a choice. We’ve located 5 of the top sharpeners Chef’s Choice has to offer, each unique in a certain way. Therefore, it’s wise to go through this article and choose carefully.

1. Chef’sChoice Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric, Knife Sharpner

Chef'sChoice Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional...
8,878 Reviews
Chef'sChoice Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional...
  • CONVERT YOUR KNIVES: Ideal for converting...
  • DIAMONDS: Advanced stropping stage and 100 percent...
  • EASY TO USE: Advanced, patented flexible spring...

The EdgeSelect Trirazor 15XV model by Chef’s Choice is one of their more advanced knife sharpeners, which works to provide effective results every time. Unlike other electric knife sharpeners, this device converts the knife’s edges to a 15-degree cut rather than the regular 20-degrees.

These 15-degree edges are sharper and far more precise, making them a perfect choice for professional kitchens. Additionally, being an electric motor powered sharpener, the machine is relatively quick at the action.

The device has been rated to create the first time sharpens in around 1 minute and resharpens in no more than 10 seconds.

With diamond abrasive stones used as the sharpening tools and the double-bevels, the machine can ensure a supreme quality finish every time. You also can choose your desired sharpness and results as the device comes with three cutting levels.

The first two levels on the knife come with the diamond abrasive working to sharpen your knife on either a coarse or a medium grit level. Next, you can take it a step further onto the third level that uses a patented sharpening stone. This level’s main task is to polish your knives; thus, allowing you to extend its life and useability.

  • Three levels of grit available
  • Diamond Abrasives used
  • Rapid sharpening speeds
  • Reliable build quality with a compact design
  • Innovative 15-degree edge cutting

  • Best suited only for professional usage
  • Quite expensive

2. Chef’sChoice 130 Professional Electric Knife Sharpening Station

Chef'sChoice Professional Electric Knife...
1,217 Reviews
Chef'sChoice Professional Electric Knife...
  • Built-in precision angle guides in all three...
  • Professional sharpening, Steeling, or stropping...
  • Sharpen both straight edge and serrated knives...

Another professional kitchen machine from Chef’sChoice is their professional sharpening station 130. Model 130 is one of their newest additions to their electric sharpening product line. This machine comes with all the bells and whistles that make Chef’sChoice products this great.

With a triple bevel system installed into all three cutting stages of the machine, your knife should simply slide into the sharpening slots. Each slot in this machine has been designed with the utmost precise angle of 20-degrees. Thus, ensuring every knife edge is sharpened at the same angle producing consistent and clean cuts.

Consistency on this machine further improves since you’re also getting three-layer cutting abilities. The first layer is a coarse grit that uses a diamond abrasive ensuring quick and perfect sharpening.

At the 2nd stage, you have super-hardened steel giving you a more medium grit crit. Then the 3rd stage uses flexible stropping disks for fine sharpening and polishing.

Having three-stage sharpening stones working on your knife’s not only ensure a razor-sharp cutting tool but also allow a larger sharpening variety. Not only will you be able to sharpen your kitchen knives. This machine will also work in serrated knives, for households, sports, and even pocket knives.

  • Razor-sharp knife sharpening
  • Comes with 3 sharpening levels
  • Quick and efficient sharpening
  • A large variety of knives useable
  • High-quality diamond and steel abrasives

  • Necessary only for professional chef’s
  • Fairly pricey

3. Chef’sChoice Professional Diamond Sharp-N-Hone Electric Kitchen

Chef’sChoice 325 Professional Diamond Hone...
13 Reviews
Chef’sChoice 325 Professional Diamond Hone...
  • 2-Stage professional sharpener for straight edge...
  • Incredibly fast, creates hair splitting sharpness...
  • 100% diamond honing—guaranteed to never detemper

For those of you looking for a compact knife sharpener to fit onto those cramped up kitchen counters, the model 325 from Chef’sChoice will give you the perfect fit. This compact machine comes with only 2 stage knife sharpening rather than the larger 3 stage models.

Meaning one-girt size of the diamond abrasives is missing; however, you should get a similar output with the two already present. The 1st-stage sharpener comes with a medium-coarse grade diamond that can sharpen up regular steel knives.

Simultaneously, the 2nd-stage uses a much finer abrasive to polish or use on serrated knives.

Although the machine is missing a single sharpening stage, all other factors have been kept up to the mark. This model’s sharpening speeds match the other models, giving you a razor-sharp blade in seconds. Furthermore, every knife is sharpened to perfection, which is possible due to the 20-degree cutting slots included.

Another factor ensuring the perfect sharpen to your blade; is the precision flexible springs attached to the abrasives. These precision springs help adjust the abrasives according to the knife’s thickness, thus, completely removing the need for guesswork.

  • Precision sharpening ensured
  • 20-degree cutting angle
  • 2 stage include sharpening and polishing
  • Lower price
  • Sharpens in seconds

  • Comes with only two stages
  • Cannot support a large variety of knives

4. Chef’sChoice 250 Hone Hybrid Electric and Manual Sharpening

Chef'sChoice 250 Hone Hybrid Combines Electric and...
2,575 Reviews
Chef'sChoice 250 Hone Hybrid Combines Electric and...
  • Razor sharp edges with advanced 3 stage hybrid...
  • For sharpening straight and serrated knives;...
  • Stage 1 and 2 electric sharpening and manual...

This hybrid sharpening machine from Chef’sChoice is an incredibly unique sharpening tool you’ll find on the market. The model 250 comes with electrical and manual sharpening methods, thus, giving you the best of both worlds.

So, your days of being worried about your expensive knives being oversharpened by the electrical machine end here.

The machine is a 3 stage machine, with the first two stages being powered electrically; whereas the last stage is manual. For the first two stages, you’ll be getting a coarse grit and a mid grit 100% diamond abrasive, respectively. These should create razor-sharp edges for your steel knives in a matter of seconds.

On the other hand, the third stage on this machine includes an ultra-thin fine grit diamond stone. The main purpose this stone serves is for honing, thus, creating arch-shaped edges on your knives that are razor-sharp with improved durability.

Furthermore, the third stage also serves polishing purposes for your steel knives, restoring your knife to its former glory. Although the manual sharpening process takes longer, the electric ones still provide you with the same rapid sharpening.

Additionally, the multiple sharpening methods further allow a large variety of knives to be sharpened.

  • Best of both electric and manual
  • 100% diamond abrasives
  • 3 stage sharpening
  • Good money value
  • Razor-sharp and precise sharpening

  • Relatively large device size
  • Manual sharpening takes quite some time

5. Chef’sChoice ProntoPro Home Manual Knife Extremely Fast Sharpening

Chef'sChoice 250 Hone Hybrid Combines Electric and...
2,575 Reviews
Chef'sChoice 250 Hone Hybrid Combines Electric and...
  • Razor sharp edges with advanced 3 stage hybrid...
  • For sharpening straight and serrated knives;...
  • Stage 1 and 2 electric sharpening and manual...

You don’t find a knife losing sharpness as quickly as that in a restaurant’s kitchen at home. Thus, spending big money on an electrical sharpener is relatively wasteful.

The people at Chef’sChoice seem to have understood this problem and have designed a manual knife sharpener. This device seems to do the same quality job for a fraction of the price.

With 100% diamond abrasive included in the knife sharpener, you can be sure to achieve the highest quality sharpness. These diamond abrasives are placed in a criss-cross pattern. Thus, allowing them to work the edges of your knife, ensuring razor-sharp results.

Furthermore, you’re also getting three stages of sharpeners to work with. The first two stages are useable for sharpening and honing either Asian or European/American knives.

On the contrary, the third stage’s primary purpose is not to sharpen; instead, polish using micron-sized diamond abrasives for a more refined finish.

Additionally, the extremely precise bevel on the knife sharpener further ensures 15 to 20-degree edge sharpening. There are only a few tiny issues, this sharpener will take a bit longer and quite some effort to operate.

However, for the different types of knives that are compatible and the low price, this product should be worth the money.

  • Convenient and compact for home use
  • Come with 100% diamond abrasives
  • Razor-sharp sharpening
  • Works with a variety of knives
  • Worth the money

  • A bit of manual labor is necessary
  • Not as quick as the electrical sharpeners

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do professional chefs use to sharpen their knives?

For a professional chef keeping his/her knives razor-sharp is quite a personal task that they love to take up manually. So, you’ll find that quite a large number of professionals prefer using honing and sharpening stones to get the job done correctly.

However, at the pace a professional kitchen works, taking the time to handle knife sharpening personally is not an option. Thus, professionals prefer to use electrical sharpeners to get their required results at a fraction of the time.

  1. How often should you sharpen your knife?

Most regular home-used knives will only require a professional level of sharpening once every year. This number is factored in due to the low-intensity usage of the knife at home.

However, for a professional kitchen, things are quite different; the blade’s regular high-intensity usage is likely to dull out in a matter of months. In this case, you must have the knife sharpened out every 2-3 months. Don’t wait for the knife to dull-out before sharpening, as this may become a hazard for the user.

  1. Do professional chefs use electric knife sharpeners?

Even though an electric sharpener wouldn’t be a chef’s first choice, it is still commonly found in a professional kitchen. It’s quite tough for anything else to beat the convenience that is achieved from these machines.

Additionally, these devices also produce staggeringly consistent and good-quality results. Thus, you’ll find many professional chefs using these machines regularly.

  1. Do Chefs Choice knife sharpeners wear out?

Fortunately, no, the Chef’sChoice Knife sharpener is a one-time purchase you need to make that’ll last you forever. The diamond and steel abrasives fitted inside every sharpener should surpass the life of your knives.

However, there will be a chance of these sharpeners getting clogged up due to previous metal shavings. A clogged sharpener will further damage your blades and cause ineffective sharpening.

  1. How do you sharpen a serrated knife with Chef’Choice?

Serrated knives are great for cutting through tough foods; the harsh tooth-like edges are perfect for getting into the hard exterior with ease. However, the ease with which you can cut food with such knives, the harder it is to maintain and sharpen them.

Instead, sharpening such knives requires a bit of a twist compared to traditional methods. For such knives, make use of the sharpener’s finest grit level and make sure to avoid the rougher grit levels. These rougher grits can not only damage the knife but will also damage the abrasive stones.

  1. Can you sharpen knives too much?

The concept of sharpening knives is to shave off the upper layers that have turned dull and unusable and bring them back to their old sharp self. Thus, oversharpening a knife is a usual occurrence.

These cases usually take place due to more than frequent sharpening of your knife. You can also sharpen a knife for too long and face the same issues of oversharpening.

  1. Why does my knife get dull so fast?

Steel knives won’t dull out when you’re cutting soft food or food that isn’t harder than the knife itself. However, improperly using a steel knife to chop tough surfaces will cause your knife to dull out quite quickly.

Moreover, it’s not just the surface you cut, but also the ones you cut on since the blade is coming in contact. Thus, if you’re cutting on hard surfaces like plastic cutting boards, countertops, or even plates, you’ll find your knife dulling out quickly.

Final Words

We believe a chef is as good as his knife is! Therefore to keep your tool of trade in the best shape, make sure to purchase the best Chef’sChoice knife sharpener that meets your requirements.

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