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Our Story

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We are a small pie company based in Brooklyn, NY whose mission is to offer you the finest quality, handmade, soul satisfying, SAVORY and SWEET pies! Our pies are made from scratch, using only the freshest seasonally inspired ingredients.  They are rich in flavor, unique and incredibly delicious.

PIE CORPS  was founded on the idea that everyone loves pie – and since we love making pie, in all of it’s glorious forms, it’s very rewarding to share our creations with you. We want you to love our pies, and think the best way to do this, and to get to know us…is to eat one. Each delicious bite will reveal everything you need to know. 

We are pie-oneers trying to make life tastier, one bite at a time.

CHERYL PERRY is a classically trained chef who has more than 20 years experience working in New York City as a culinary instructor, restaurant owner and consultant. As co-creator of Pie Corps, Cheryl hopes to excite, engage and entice the palates of pie enthusiasts to the next level by introducing them to the concept of sustainability, and the joy of eating fresh, whole, seasonal foods.            

FELIPA  LOPEZ is a New York City / Brooklyn based acupuncturist, with a passionate love of all things culinary. After establishing her practice in 2006, Felipa realized she wanted to incorporate a ‘food as medicine’ emphasis

to her practice. This began her foray into the world of lacto-fermentation and traditional nutrition there she found a multitude of new ideas in eating and creating balance in what we eat and how it nourishes our bodies.Making pie for Pie Corps brings together many of Felipa’s culinary interests, including the subtlety of balancing dynamic flavor with wholesome local foods that feed not only the body but the spirit as well.

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